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Diet effects on rest of family

Hi all

Having just had a IBS flare up I have changed my diet to no wheat, no dairy and am also following the FODMAP diet. I'm doing lots of home baking using different flours etc. My husband insisted that we all eat the same so he and our daughters could help me through it. Thankfully I'm now feeling much better and our new way of eating is helping me loads. My husband on the other hand who was expecting to loose a bit weight and feel some benefits too, feels like he has gained weight and his bowel movement have slowed right up. Has anyone else experienced this? We're confused as to why he would gain weight when we are eating food that is better for us.

Any advice much appreciated.


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Firstly you're very lucky to have the support of your husband and family (I have too) and this helps greatly with any anxiety you may suffer.

Secondly you don't say what your symptoms are - mine is diarrhoea and a completely dairy free diet keeps me symptom free. My husband and I are the only ones in the house now but he does have slightly different things to me say, Flora buttery and things in sauces. I also make him quiches and when he has this for a meal I have an omelette. We also stick to white bread but to help your husband he could have a granary to help him.

I don't have to use the FODMAP diet but I do make all my own cakes and biscuits using Pure spread, and I also use this for mashed potatoes, and I just use ordinary flour.

I hope this has helped and that you keep feeling well

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The Low Fodmap diet is for people with IBS and some other digestive conditions and can result in constipation for people who do not need to follow the diet. Gluten free foods are often higher in fats and sugars than wheat containing varieties so this can lead to weight gain. Whilst it is really supportive of your family to help with you with your diet it is not advisable for people to follow this diet long term and certainly not if they do not have IBS. People with IBS should also complete a re-introduction of fodmap foods to identify which are causing your intolerances. Ask you GP for a referral to a dietitian to help you to do this safely. If you struggle to see a dietitian please get back in touch.

Kind regards

The IBS Network

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My mother would say that there is only so much weight in the world and what comes off one person, must go onto another, but thats her excuse for any weight gain! Perhaps the food you are cooking is tastier so he is eating more? Or there is always the fact that the free from ranges tend to have a lot of sugar and fat in them to make up for the missing ingredients. Might be worth having a look at the nutritional info on the side of the packets. As for the slower bowel movements... not a clue, sorry.


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