Severity of Symptoms

Severity of Symptoms

Hi Everyone, hope you all feel better today than you did yesterday!!! I am posting again with the link to my study, as the level of my despair in search of participants is reaching some critical levels now that the deadline is fast approaching. If you could pleeeaaaseee please help me out with this I would be so grateful for your help!!! And remember,If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito! Thank you very much to those of you who decide to participate or who had already done so and have a good day guys!!!

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  • Have just completed this for you- good luck :)

  • Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  • done! good luck

  • Thank youuuuu!!!!

  • Done! Very interesting.. Good Luck...

  • Thank youuu very much, I appreciate that!!!

  • Have completed this for you. I think there is a link and Im sure that many other sufferers will fully agree, good luck with it and let us have a follow up

  • Hiii, Thank you very much!!! I will most definitely let you guys know once the analysis has been done and checked by supervisor!!!!

  • Completed. Good luck with your study.

  • Thank youuu!!!

  • Completed for you. Good luck with finding the link that I'm sure is there.

  • Thank you very much!!!

  • Done the test

  • I appreciate that, thanks a lot!!!

  • Done test for you

  • I will complete this all the best with your study x

  • Thank you so much!!!

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