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Hello, I was diagnosed with IBS 3 weeks ago following a long bout of diarreah. I am getting no advice or help with trying to control this condition and would welcome any help that anyone can give me on dealing with this. Symptoms are , constipation, followed by diarreah, continually in the toilet for the first 2 hours of the morning, every morning. bloated, intestinal pain and cramps, no appatite, exhausted and now experiancing depression as my life has drastically changed,, I have no social life due to these symptoms. Please can anyone adv ise me how best to move forward. Thank you.

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  • Hi Harris,my first question to you would be has your GP diagnosed you with IBS or a Gastrologist . If you haven't seen a Gastrologist I suggest you ask your GP to refer you. A GP can't diagnose IBS,you need test to eliminate anything else out. Don't just sit back ask to be refered . Take care

  • I had tests done authorised by my GP, the results indicated IBS. at present he decided not to refer me to the Gastrologist as the results appeared conclusive ?! However I am struggling and feel that a referal would be the right road to go down, perhaps also a dietician ? They ruled out gastric and bowel cancer which my mother died from, celiac and chrones disease. those tests were negative thankfully.

  • Have you had a colonoscopy it's the only sure test. If not I think you ought to insist on seeing a Gastrologist .

  • Hi I'm a 35 year old male and have suffered with IBS D since the age of 16. I probably visit the loo 4/5 times before I leave the house in the morning. If I still need to go again I often wait until I get to work or use a clean/disabled toilet at work or in a shopping centre if I can. I take two loperamide tablets every morning and have done for about 15 years now. It drives me insane and I've tried different types of anti anxiety tablets for long periods which don't really help. I'm on my 5th week of NHS CBT therapy now. What's annoying is all investigations turn out to be negative. The Fodmap diet works for some people! You could give that a try.. Good luck and if you find anything that works well for you, please let me know as I'm willing to try anything for some improvement!!

  • I have not heard of the fodmap diet, I will have to look it up.

  • Thank you all for your input, it is good to have someone to discuss this matter with. I have been housebound fir just over two weeks now because of this problem, but thankfully yesturday it started to ease off a bit. It will be so good to regain my life again, I am so missing my daily excercise classes.

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