Time scale of IBS C Attacks

Hi,can anyone tell me if an IBS Attack can build up...ie I have attacks averaging every 2 weeks, therefore I am wondering if it is a build up of something in my system, I dont know what my triggers are, everytime I think Ah ha I have it, I trial it again to see if it happens again and it doesnt. So I am wondering if something builds up in my and then 2/3 weeks time it comes out in an attack....has anyone else experienced this? or can offer advice?


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  • I have very similar experiences. I have worked out a couple of food triggers but there are obviously more and they don't seem to follow the same rules!

    I think I am also affected by stress, even though I am not conscious that I am feeling stressed. I seem to deal with stressful situations fine but about a week later will have an episode so think they must be connected. I am trying yoga as none of the diets have helped me.

    Good luck finding your triggers.

  • Yes to both of the above! I've been doing the Fodmap diet, and I'm pretty sure I have a problem with wheat and onions, but even if I stick to the strict elimination diet, I will have an attack of D every two or three weeks.

  • I am the same as you with stress, never think I am but It defo affects my body/health (usually resulting in being run down). I have no idea on my triggers, I have times where I think...it could be that, cut it out, but still have an attack, I just think its really odd that they happen 2 weekly, most strange.

  • I'm sure. Mine (IBS-C) occur after a bm and if I eat something on my no list (some FODMAPs groups plus soy protein plus calcium carbonate) . Last week my apartment under renovation so something in the materials set me off (plus the stresss) so PAIN every day. Every 2 weeks sound great! I would recommend PT specializing in ab pain. Plus exercises for core.

  • Sorry what is a BM and a PT lol, not down with the kids in abbreviations lol, thanks

  • bowel movement (my mom used that as she was into euphemisms--before her time I guess)

    physical therapy

  • Ahhhh thanks....im sorry to hear you have more regular than my 2 weekly.....that in itself is HELL! I made my partner read all the forum stuff so he could understand what kinda hell I live in, and why I moan and groan and feel like he doesnt give a hoot! (it helped to see his reaction to be fair). Ive gone back to my homeopath to see what she advises, Im thinking a second course of remedies, which, i hope to hell work for me....will keep you posted x

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