hi everyone,after 18mnths of tests/cameras etc and still have 6 -8hrs of excruiating low abdo pain daily,which rules my life (no painkillers work) have been diagnosed with Intussusception,have to see surgeon in 3 wks.if any one has had this diagnosis & been treated id love to hear about it as im quite apprehensive ,but ready to do anything to stop being in daily agony.!thanks for reading.

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  • I too have the same problem, but I am not in pain. Have terrible cramps though. I also did all the tests. Nothing they can do, unless they operate. I have decided not to go down this route. It shouldn't cause pain, so have it investigated further.

  • thank you for your prompt replyPat 1.may i ask if you get cramps daily & how long do they last.?forgot to add that i start with pain AFTER b m is that the case with you& may i ask why you decided against having the op? sorry so many questions !

  • Did you get my reply. Not sure I submit it.

  • I send again. It seems I didn't reply. I only get cramps before bm as that is when the intussception occurs. You should not have pain all the time. Did you see a good colorectal surgeon? I decided no to op as the problem is not severe and you could have complications. I have Ibs c which I manage by taking magnesium.

  • thanks for the info Pat 1.due to see a surgeon in 3wks .its odd that i have pain after as opposed to before bm.fingers crossed the surgeon is a good one!

  • Hi Tigga. I ve had IBS for years and I too have tummy ache after a BM. I m in the middle of an attack which began with a Chinese meal and a few wines 6 weeks ago. So fed up with all the pain and discomfort .

  • So sorry to hear about your pain makes life difficult.Presume youve had all the tests,cameras etc?i had a Proctogram x ray which diagnosed my Intussusception,maybe helpful if you have this xray too.

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