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Struggling with IBS

I have been suffering with IBS since 2011, at first it came as a shock and I had to change my whole lifestyle which I enjoyed (playing in a band, going out every weekend and touring). I'll skip the next 3 years now, but I do know my triggers however I can't come to terms with how much its changed my life. I've had to turn down 3 jobs because I've missed training because of my anxiety and IBS.

I'm just sick of it taking over my life, I've stopped going out and when I do I block myself up on Imodium just as a precaution. I know this is a really bad habit but it seems to be the only way I can go out and not worry about having an episode.

My stomach seems to be getting worse, I can't eat certain meals I used to be fine with. I'm starting to get daily bloating and almost from every meal.

I just can't see my life getting any better, I feel like I'm going to spend the rest of my life in my bedroom.

If anyone has experience these same feelings please message me or even just some advice.

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Hi Mate

I know, I only got it a few months ago and when you hear what you've got it is bad.

However, some people I know who know others who have had IBS said it can go away. For some people it isn't a permanent thing.

Maybe try the FODMAP diet to help you even further. Good Luck!


Have you tried Low FOdmap diet and/or gluten free and lactose free. Also try self hypnosis from ibsaudioprogram. Com.

Both those helped me a lot. I still have problems rushing to the loo sometimes but generally am only on pain for very short periods now. Good luck.


Do you know if you are intolerant to any foods - lactose and dairy can be the cause of IBSD.

You could try eliminating these from your diet for at least 3/4 weeks to see if there is any improvement and while doing this you should keep a food diary of what you eat and your bowel movements every day to see what changes there are.

I was diagnosed with IBS 2 years ago at the age of 65 and found that lactose and diary, hardboiled eggs and cabbage disagree with me. I've had to change my diet but I don't let it change what I do - I still lead a very full life. We watch county cricket all over the country and go to France and Italy for holidays - I just stick to the lactose/dairy free diet and get on with life.

You don't have a life threatening illness - you have IBS - it isn't cancer or Crohns or diverticulitis.

You can also buy a RADAR key which will open any locked disabled toilet in the UK - here is the link


and the IBS Society sell @I can't wait cards'


Hi Danny,

You sound absolutely sick to death of it all, but you're not alone, we all feel the same way from time to time, and feel it takes over our lives, which is does, we just have to be careful as to how much it takes over. I tend to take one Immodium plus tablet if I am going out anywhere, or if it's an all day thing I might take two immodium plus. Take these and not the regular immodium, as the regular can tend to 'block' you up. When you are bloated take 2 Buscopan tablets and get yourself some Peppermint oil capsules to help aswell. You can get these over the counter or on prescription from you GP. Don't give in to it, or it will win. Find a way round your obstacles, plan, plan and plan your way round the everyday hiccups, you will win, you just need to believe in yourself that you will beat it and have a life.


Hi Danny, Please, please try Probiotica 7 from Holland & Barrett, it will truly change your life as you know it with IBS. I've been taking them for nearly 3 months now, and it has changed everything about my IBS. I feel I can 'live' again. Don't need to worry hardly at all anymore about my toilet habits, the noise, the smell, the urgent need, all gone thanks to Probiotica 7. Please try them and get control of your life again. :)


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