guilt ridden

I am going through many things at the moment. Newly diagnosed IBS d and realising I cannot afford to work full time and need to move from my house to get a smaller one to keep costs down, temping for nine years and struggling with work. Probably always had IBS so those around me are used to my ways. Just feel so dissatisfied with everything and feel guilty that I include those around me in that. Just needed to say that as being single and often alone do not get to talk much.

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  • You sound so unhappy and stressed, and I hope that by writing to us it may help you by just having people who understand your problems and can sympathise. I can only say that I have ended up by helping myself i.e. I take Loperamide every day, which has given me my life back. I try and only leave the house in the afternoon, as by then I can tell whether my tummy is going to be OK. I take 2 capsules every morning at the moment, and more if I need them. I have been having to take 6 per day in the past, just to have a normal life as possible. Start by taking one per day, and see if that helps you. If not, you can up it by one more etc. I have them on prescription, and my doctor knows that it is the only thing that helps me, after having more than 20 years with this horrible problem. I would go to see your GP and try to get them just to see if they work for you. However, don't overdo it - that can lead to more problems by stopping everything moving! Not good! I still have bad times, but I more or less have control over it most of the time. I do hope this helps you in some way, and don't forget that we are here for you. Good luck!

  • before my diagnosis ( I never went to talk to doc) I used Loperamide a lot - not keen on tablets per sey. But after a blackout toilet episode, I spoke to doc and did a lot of research after IBS diagnosis. The blackout really scared me. I now follow FODMAP and have more control but tiredness etc very bad. I am almost 50 and have had this condition for ever, so have probably brought myself to the brink and now need to take special care. Thank you for your reply. I wish you well.

  • Do you know if you are lactose/dairy intolerant ?

  • I am on fodmap reintroduction I know I am sensitive but will find out more next week with reintroduction of milk/yoghurt. Thanks for your reply

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