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Confused, Confusion, Now Even More Confused

Now I'm even more confused. My gastro doctor diagnosed me with IBS. For the most part I eat pretty healthy. Mostly fruits and vegetables. In smaller portions. I do have trigger foods which seem to agitate my stomach, but not all the time. At least once a month I slip and go on a binge of processed foods, spicy foods any and everything that's anything. I get what I call extreme stomach attacks. Bloating(stomach looks as though I'm at least six months pregnant), diarrhea, constipation, the worst pain in the world. Miserable, in pain and depressed because I just can't figure it out and I don't know if my diagnosis was the right one. I have these at a minimum of every other month only being able to tolerate certain liquids. It seems I often coat my stomach with something, just to get relief from the burning and gnawing pain temporarily only to feel worse. Some more test are being done. Very frustrated. I decided to give this a try, a week later so far so good. I'd gotten to a point where anything that others said worked .... I'm all in. Wishing you all the best and any any insight would be awesome!

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Reading your post it really sound like you are tired and frustrated which is hardly surprising given your problems. As they are going to do more tests I think what you need to do right now is rest - let the Drs worry about the diagnosis - if you rest you may give your body a chance to start to heal its-self. The binge eating you refer to could be related to hormones - good old PMT and if your body is not processing things quite right it will crave carbs to give you the energy to do what you are trying to make it do. Rest, Rest, Rest - calm it down and I'm not taking about rest for a couple of days and then go for it - slow things down overall for a few months then you might start to notice and improvement. Easier said than done...been there got the t-shirt but well worth a try - it all might seam a little less confusing when you are less tired too.


Sounds very likely!


you do not mention your age or how long you've had this but I suggest a slightly more balanced diet. Maybe low FODMAPs.


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