Has anyone tried the York Intolerance Test as I don't want to spend money on something that will not be worthwhile

I have suffered with chronic IBS for over 10yrs now and I am at my wits end.Iam currently waiting on a appointment with a dietician .It totally has taken my life over as i am in constant pain.Ive had every test available including a colonoscopy.Any suggestions I would be grateful for .

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  • I have done the York test a couple of times. It does help in that you get to know what you are intolerant to and the degree to which it is. But also followed the FODMAP diet taking into account the intolerances. Did help a lot.

  • I hope I have the same result

  • Have you tried any food eliminations such as dairy.

    You don't say what your symptoms are and whether or not you are taking any medication

  • My symptoms are daily pain,I look 5mths pregnant,I take lanzoprazole ,Diazpam for anxiety and tamazapam for sleep,but I also have quite a few more serious illnesses that I take medication for.But IBS gives me the most problems

  • Gemini71 I am exactly the same, have been tested for coeliac disease, had a gastroscopy, found blood & bile in my stomach. Query bile gastritis etc. IBS literally takes over my life. Everywhere we go there had to be a toilet, I have to know where it is, I suffer severe stomach pain, cramps, bloating, diahorrea etc.

    I've finally been referred to a dietician & her advise was start a weight management course. This is all well & good (I am 28 5ft 4" weigh 11st) so I am overweight but not being funny. It's never gonna stop my bowel problems. I think I will always have them & it will never be resolved. I am also on lanzoprazole (anti spasmodic) & domperidone (anti sickness) as I suffer terrible nausea. Anxiety does not help either tho I just think it's something I'm gonna be unfortunate enough to have to live with for the rest of my life. Diet to be fair does play a part, a lot of certain foods trigger it & make symptoms a lot worse. :( sorry I can't be of any help really xxx

  • I am also on lanzoprazole,anti depressants diazepam ,for anxiety,and tamazapam for sleep.But I also take a lot of medication for other illnesses Which probably don't help.My other problems are more serious yet it's the IBS I struggle with as it is pain on a daily basis.

  • I would save your money as there is no reliable way to test for food intolerance via a blood test, this can only be done via an elimination diet. Blood test are reliable for allergies which you can have done for free on the NHS. See the Allergy UK website. I would recommend the allergy hospital in Sydney as the best source of information on food intolerance. sswahs.nsw.gov.au/rpa/a...

    After 20 years of suffering every day with IBS I finally have the answers! I'm sensitive to natural biochemicals in foods which was causing severe bloating and bowel problems. I hope that helps.

  • I don't even know what bio chemicals are .Can you explain I'd be grateful

  • Thank you swishymishi I will give this a try although it does sound complicating .

  • sswahs.nsw.gov.au/rpa/aller...

    Have a look at this link which should explain it. If it doesn't work do a search for rpah elimination diet. I hope that works if not please feel free to quiz me and I'll try to explain.

    I don't know if it will help you as the symptoms I had were mainly bloating and a sluggish bowel.

  • I'll probably take you up on quizzing you thank you

  • fedup.com.au/factsheets/sup...

    This is useful site too

  • Hi swishymichy, I am quite interested in your advice. I have had similar problems to you for about 17 years, I have tried so many things to get my bowels to work. In recent years the FODMAP diet helped, but now that is not working very well. Do you follow the FODMAP diet as well as cut out offending biochemicals.

  • Yes I tried Fodmap first, aswell as gluten & dairy free which helped but I started to eat more fruit & some veggies and got problems again. That's why this bio chemical diet makes so much sense to me. I am still doing fodmap aswell so it is very limited and I've lost 3lbs in the last couple of weeks but I feel the best I have in years. It's worth just cutting things out gradually that are high in salicylates like tea (all types) tomatoes, peppers, all herbs & spices, red skinned potatoes and eat white skinned potatoes (old & peeled), swede, celery, iceberg lettuce, chives, bamboo shoots & beansprouts to see if it makes any difference.

    This is the first part of the elimination diet book only available from :-



  • Gemini71 It's worth checking what's in the drugs you are taking and what the side effects are as they might be causing or contributing to your problems aswell as the ibs. Some so called ibs helping drugs can cause diarrhea believe it or not! I took some tablets last year for something completely unrelated to intestines or bowels and had the worst bloating ever! I recently looked up one of the ingredients which is macrogol which is used to treat chronic constipation!! So it's worth checking. I would start with Fodmap first if you find the RPAH elimination diet too daunting. Just don't eat loads of fruit and tomatoes as that will cause you problems if you are sensitive to certain biochemicals.

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