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Dear Members,

I am extremely sorry for the sudden influx of spammers on our forum over the last few days. We have notified Health Unlocked of the situation and hoping to get it resolved as soon as possible.

We have never experienced this issue before, and it is a huge shame that they intend to cause disruption on what is such a supportive and informative page by posting such inappropriate content.

The current process for removing such posts is to delete each one individually, then proceed to restrict the poster from commenting on our page. Whilst we have been attempting to maintain this, due to the volume of posters, it is difficult to keep up.

Whilst we await a response from Health Unlocked, please continue to report the abuse and we will try our utmost to remove it as soon as possible. We too will be closely monitoring the situation.

We are extremely sorry for any disruption and inconvenience.

For contact details for Health Unlocked please click on the help box at the top of the page, then 'email us'. Alternatively you can contact us directly on info@theibsnetwork.org

Best wishes,


2 Replies

Many Thanks to you all for your hard work in removing these messages


Thank you for looking at this - unfortunately as we all know there are spammers every where without a care or concern how they affect people...... such a shame and this is such a supportive and brilliant site!! I recommend it all the time as it has been one of the best to help with IBS and a knowledge how to cope. A special thank you to your team and to Roz for being so great.


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