FODMAP:elimination phase,2 weeks?or 6 weeks?Not feeling any better after 2 weeks on the diet, could it mean I might need a few more weeks?

Hi everybody, I have been doing the FODMAP diet following the Patsy Katsos' book (which I think is the best by far) and the Sue Shepherd one...Patsy Katsos says you have to be under the elimination phase for 2 weeks, while Sue Shepherd says it should be 6-8 weeks before you start reintroducing again. I am already done with my second week (following strictly what the book says) but still not feeling any better. Do you think I should keep on with it 4 more weeks? And if so, why is that? Isn't my body already clean after 2 weeks? Is there anybody who started to feel better after a few weeks, I mean not immediately after starting the elimination phase? Thanks a lot!

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  • I still mostly only eat the basic foods on Fodmaps after 9 months. Have you also gone gluten and lactose free in your two weeks?

  • What have you been eating/drinking? Same things are not safe for everyone so your diet in those 2 weeks may need a bit of scrutinising. Post it up here and we can take a look.

  • i didn't need to do a full elimination but have found that i still can't tolerate some foods recommemded

  • I'm on week 2 as well & am still experiencing problems. I think this is because I'm eating more veg than before starting FODMAP & my body needs time to adjust. The dietician advised that I should be on the low FODMAP diet for 6 weeks, I then go back to see her do she can talk me through reintroduction.

  • Hello, thanks to all! I am eating whole foods, such as grilled chicken, or veal (no hormones), eggs, salads (arugula, tomatoes, carrots, tuna...all natural and organic and with olive oil); lactose-free yogurt (just one every other day); cornflakes (the brand is called Erewhon: just corn and salt); some oat crackers with all the allowed ingredients according to Patsy Catsos' book; rice or almond or coconut milk (with allowed ingredients); Brown rice very well cooked (maybe once a week); no Gluten; sometimes sardines (no additives, just olive oil); no fruits at all; 1/2 Oz a day of pure chocolate (not every day, Patsy Catsos and Sue Shepherd say 1 oz per day are alloed and I am even having less than that). I have had lactose and fat-free milk too maybe like 2 times per week.

    I am on the third week of the elimination phase already. Bloating, pain are my main issues. Thanks for your help!!

  • I've suffered from chronic bloating for a long time and have been following the low fodmap strictly (I've cut out dairy & gluten completely) for the last 3 months. My bloating has got slightly better but I'm still having problems. In the 'The Complete Low-Fodmap Diet: A Revolutionary Plan for Managing IBS and Other Digestive Disorders' by Sue Shepherd & Peter Gibson it suggests that if the diet doesn't work there may be an intolerance to foods/drinks containing natural biochemicals called salicylates, amines & glutamate. There is a very strict elimination diet called RPAH which I'm looking at doing but I've started to cut out some of the food/drinks in advance. Apparently tea of all types (even herbal / fruit) is very high in salicylates so I'm cutting it down which I think is helping my bloating but it's early days. It might be worth you looking into it if the fodmap doesn't sort your problems.

  • Thank you Swishymichy. I never drink tea, just some non-dairy milks but still mostly water. I will cut out dairy completely see if it makes any difference. Lactose-free doesn't seem to work for me. I will take a look at the diet you mention too. I personally think the book "IBS: Free at last" (Patsy Catsos) is even better than the Sue Shepherd and P.gibson's one since she is even more strict during the elimination phase. I hope we start seeing results soon!! thanks!

  • Hi I think it's likely you are still eating something that your body reacts to. I started with hayfever 2 years before my IBS. Last year I found I am intolerant to wheat and milk and I think it's all linked in my case as they all come from grass. Interestingly since avoiding wheat/milk my hayfever aswell as my IBS is loads better than it was. The following really helped me...This is a list of the most common foods to react to (everybody not just IBS sufferers):Wheat,Corn,Milk,Corn (maize),Eggs,Yeast,Cane sugar,Coffee,Oats,Barley (malt),Beet sugar, Tea,Potatoes,Lemons,Cocoa beans,Oranges,Beef,Pork,Onions . So from this list and studying your food diary I'd guess it's either corn/milk/eggs/cocoa/oats. Good luck hope you start feeling well again soon :-)

  • Thanks magibmas for the tip on the Free at last book. I'll look into it. The other things I've cut out are reheated carbs, red skinned potatoes, chocolate (I know!) all fruit except banana and I'll be looking at buying fresh meat and fish instead of vacuum packed from supermarkets. There are lots of other things to cut out on the RPAH elimination diet which might help find your triggers. I'm hopeful if I cut enough out I'll have some bloat free days! Stress / tension and eating too quickly also play a part of course.

  • Thanks xsnorkelx and Swishymichy hope I finally feel better soon. I have cut out dairy completely for the last 4 days but still feeling bloated and sick. I will keep up with the FODMAP elimination diet until the 8th week, I will keep you updated. Thanks again

  • Definitely keep us updated I think it's bizarre that loads of people have intolerances now it never used to be like this did it?! I know of 4 people with IBS in my family and friends. I wonder whether how we eat has triggered something ie as a vegetarian I increased my wheat/dairy intake for 15 years without realising then out of the blue I got sick.

  • Hello,

    Where can i find the FODMAP eliminatian diet or whatever it is. It would be helpful for a start?

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