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MOVICOL PAEDIATRIC not available anymore over the counter?


My son is under Movicol Paediatric for a year.

His severe constipation inspite of a proper diet, gives him severe pains in the lower back, on the sides and in the belly.

I have been told to adapt the dose according to the symptoms and to give him as long as required, could be years!!

I have not been given a prescription which was ok so far, I used to buy the medicine over the counter with no problem.

Today 10 February 2014, I have been refused to get any and been told Movicol Paediatric was given only with a prescription.

I am not happy:

1.Can't NHS take mesures in such a way that the patients knows in advance - maybe a note on the medicine box telling that after a certain date, the medicine will require a prescription?

2. Is that correct, can someone tell me?

How can I be sure that a certain medicine is forbidden over the counter. Is there a list?


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Hi, this is probably of no help to you or your poor little boy, but I take Movical (although not the paediatric) I get it only on prescription. I am sure you wouldn't have a problem getting a repeat prescription for your son, if Movical has worked to alleviate his suffering. I do hope you are able to get it sorted out soon without too much delay. Best wishes for your little boy's continued improvement.


I take Movicol myself at times - always have to get a prescription though. I have to say it works, but has a weird effect on BM's!!


I don't understand why prescription when the U.S. equivalent is OTC now.


I don't either- why Movicol is not OTC when lactulose and a whole range of similar laxatives are??


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