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Hey guys I am new to this !! But I feel like I am running out of solutions. I am 22 yr old female. I have constant ovarian cyst which do cause me pain. I have been told I have IBS, reflux, heart burn, and so much more. I have been tested for lactose intolerance, celiac disease.. and they all came up negative. I have gone gluten free before I got my results back to see if it would help, and it did a little. I always have so much pain after I eat! I can't eat anything spicy or fried. I can't even go near fast foods. I have a gas problem where I get extremely bloated and can't sleep at night. The past month, I have been in an out of my gastro doctor. I have come up clear in all exams. I have to take the HIDA scan for gallbladder, but at my age they say its not common. Last but not least I have so much pain in my right side rib cage towards the bottom. Its giving me pain all in my shoulders, my entire back, sometimes even goes down to my legs. I went to the ER today, they couldn't find one thing. I also get a little nauseas after I eat. And do not have the appetite I use to. This has been going on and off for 2 years. And I keep losing weight.

I am growing so tired of this pain, and I am so young and want to enjoy life. This is out of control. I am running out of options.

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Have you checked out FODMAPs? Yes, you're too young. Hope you find solution soon.


Also request from gyn or gp a referral to physical therapy for abdominal pain, a new specialty. Helped me a LOT! and doesn't matter the cause. Pain itself needs to be addressed


Check out ileo cecal valve syndrome too


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