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1 month into fodmap diet - update

Well I'm about a month in now and have to say the difference in my well being is unbelievable.

I have had one or two episodes and thanks to my diary, can identify why. Can't pinpoint any specific food group as its been a case of needing to eat and resorting to junk food as there was no other option. Plus a couple of social events where I have chosen to enjoy the moment and live with the suffering later.

Bizarre thing is that my Asthma is in remission too so I'm really thinking along the lines of an allergy.

An looking forward to experimenting soon to find triggers.

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Do you do the fodmap diet yourself or refered to a dietitian by your dr. I don't really know how it works or what it is . Can you please give me any information on it if possible, Thank you.


My GP gave me a print out, and it had the Fodmap on,,,, 'PatientUK' site!! Will read again n let you know (when I can find the leaflets!!!!


I've tried most other things for ibs and am now thinking of trying the FODMAP diet - are you seeing a dietitian or doing it yourself?


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