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Does anyone else get spells of lightheadedness not exactly dizzy but difficult to concentrate on reading or watching tv not connected with

bms at all as with some people. Just seems to come on without warning and lasts for hours -worse indoors when I go out I dont notice it so much..Not taking any prescribed medicine at. the moment just a bit worried could I be vitamin deficient When I first had ibs a year ago I had a few major dizzy spells with nausea its not like that now but lasts for much longer. Its as if I am not quite present.

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Yes I have been suffering spells as you describe for some time along with shivers and clamminess, it does effect me outside as my driving can be effected.

My recent research came up with the cause being a build up of toxins created by the bad bacteria in my gut, and I've been taking a prebiotic Bimuno, which was recommended to me to help rebalance my gut. I buy it in Boots (only the larger stores) and after 6 weeks I believe I'm getting some benefit.

Good luck



What diet are you on Anne? FODMAP? Low carbs may cause this if your body is having to adjust.

Or maybe get your vitamin levels checked? Are you getting nutrients from your diet? Check VIT d as that is commonly deficient in IBS cases.

Also get SIBO and candida checked, as Sandy Jack says the bacteria can be an issue as it stops nutrients getting to where they need to be.

When you say 'lightheaded ness' could it be what is described as 'brain fog'? I ask this because you say not dizzy but lack of concentration. What is your memory like?


hi . i get the same feelings , its very much like getting low blood sugars [ i'm type 2 diabetic ] but my blood sugars would be OK , so one day during one of these bouts i tested my blood pressure and discovered it was dropping after bowel movements [85/65] even though my bld pressure would go back to normal after a couple of hours the dizziness and confused feeling could last 24 hrs or more. its very frightening when happens and have nearly lost my balance at times, doc said its part and parcel of I B S -d and just lay down and rest till feel steady on feet and to take note of how often it happens. sometimes i could be just sitting watching t v or talking to someone and just get strange feeling. its like head gets a numb feeling i call it my aeroboard head because thats the way my head feels .at the time , sometimes my family can see the effect in my eyes before i feel it and will ask am i ok , i'd say yes and couple minutes later i go blank in the head .


Yes I get these dizzy spells too but like SandyJack my driving is affected and have poor temperature regulation. I found I had it worse over summer - the heat sent me really wappy dispite drinking loads of water. I suspected bacteria as post infective onset but recent SIBO breath tests came back negative. I tried loads of different probiotics and honestly not been convinced. My BP has dropped 20mm at rest on both lines since onset and when I exercise it drops more so have to be careful exerting myself as it sends me very dizzy and I white out. My sleep is terrible and I suspect it has a part to play in my presentation. The good news is over time my BM are gradually improving, yes have blips where really bad but at least not every day now and I remain hopeful that over time I will fully recover.


is poor temperature regulation part of IBS? my temp is always all over the place, have you found any way of improving your temp control?

my blood pressure also drops when i stand up/exercise - any idea what the cause is or how to improve it?


I could theorize problems are a neuro response - everyones BP changes when stand up from sitting or lying but those who get it and makes them dizzy/faint called postural hypotension. Can be caused by cardiac probs but I young and heart rate etc fine. I suspect vagal nerve stimulation by gut causing change in baroreceptors which regulate BP and the autonomic nervous system/hypothalamus/other areas of the brain. I'm not a Dr but have some basic anatomy knowledge with my job and can see different systems effects in my own symptoms. If I knew how to fix it I'd be IBS etc free and about to become a very rich lady....alas its KBO like everyone else ;-)

Drs don't treat low BP as far as I aware - they see it as a generally good thing - however living with it is not that much fun. Best advice I can give is get up slowly (try and keep your head still - looking forwards - and not move it quickly). You could try pumping your feet (like marching on the spot) just before and after stand to stop the blood pooling in calfs and get it flowing up the head - steady pace march especially just after used leg muscles to stand. I hope that makes sense.


Thank you for the responses I think that brain fog may be what is happening I am about to try vitamin B12 ( as I only eat fish not meat and I believe that B12 is important and found in meat as well as fish and dairy ) and vitamin D. I was on the fodmaps diet for several months but now eating bread and ordinary milk but I have not reintroduced some things so who knows. Memory certainly poorer than it was but as I am in my 60s difficult to know if it is .an age related thing . Getting very anxious and worried about when the next episode may come on, and I think imagining it evenwhen it is not happening. Also have tinnitus which sometimes goes with dizziness. Hope we all improve!


another thought could it be low blood sugar levels?


Drs usually check B12 in routine bloods. I know my levels of B12 checked and were OK - may be worth checking with your Dr before spending money on vits - your levels could be fine.

Vit D - most we get from sun not food. There is a study about to start at Sheffield on vit D - you may be able to get some free from them. If you over 60 and a lady your GP may be happy to prescribe you vit D and supplements to help you absorb it better - it can help prevent/reduce osteoprosis in us ladies.

Annie do you or any one in your direct family have diabeties? - if so then worth having your blood sugars checked or if like me you prefer sweet things just get it checked by GP - mine was checked and fine (phew) as was Thyroid and a bunch of other blood/urine etc tests.

Tinnitus or any ear probs can make you feel v dizzy but if your head still and you getting dizzy, might not be tinnitus.

Sometimes I wonder if might be because not getting the goodness from food eat and it could be playing a part if you have D but I do suspect other body systems are effected by the gut getting out of sync and thats what causes the brain fog/dizzy spells etc.


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