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BBC One are looking for Volunteers! Can you help?

BBC One are looking for Volunteers! Can you help?

Was your IBS triggered by food poisoning?

Food Inspectors, the television programme for BBC1, is currently looking for people that have suffered post infectious IBS as a consequence of food poisoning. We are very interested in hearing about your experience and potentially retelling your story to raise public awareness. If you would like to participate in the programme or find out more, please contact 020 7290 0210 or email: Stephen.bath@betty.co.uk

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My name is Karmen Jermy, but everyone calls me Anjie ( long story!). I have been told over the years that i was suffering with IBS since the age of 18, i am now 52. I have tried to manage my symptoms as best as i can over the years, i have had all the anti-spasmodic drugs etc. It seemed to fluctuate as it does for many years until about 5 years ago when i had leukaemia, and whilst in hospital i contracted Clostridium difficile. Since then my symptoms have been a lot worse, and the pain is so bad that sometimes when i go to the toilet i nearly pass out with the pain. I know its not exactly food poisioning, but i have also had that a few times over the years as well.So i am not really sure if i am the sort of person you are looking for, but if you think i might be able to help please contact me, if not i look forward to watching the programme.




Hi my name is Ricky the doctor thinks I am going through this at the moment due to criptosparydium. Excuse the spelling. I have had bowel issues bad stomach bad back for the 3 months since it started.


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