Anxiety and depression

I think anxiety is almost a given when the main problems are a 'swing' IBS which constantly changes between constipation and diarrhoea. The stress of always being aware of embarrassing yourself and others is ever present. I have done a self-hypnosis CD by Michael Mahoney(he has a website) which I found did reduce my stress somewhat and helped me to visualise coping strategies. It consists of 5 cd's which you listen to once a day for 100 days in the order in which they tell you to do so. It may help others also - it hasn't made it go away but helps me to cope and I can listen to my favourite(the ones which helped the most) any time I like and intend to repeat the whole course this winter.

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  • I'll see if it's in the public library.

  • Pat1 please let me know if its in the library.



  • Hi, I am a solution focused hypnotherapist and my IBS clients recover amazingly with the relaxation techniques and with an understanding of how the brain works with regards to IBS. One thing that can really boost the REM state which we go into when relaxed is to write 10 good things down about the day immediately before listening to the CD, this ensures that we are in the part of the brain that activates the serotonin and that 10 good strong bits of serotonin have already been produced before the processing begins. This enables the relaxation technique to work at its ultimate best. Best wishes and here is a link to my recording if you would like to try one for free:

  • Thanks for that Elfmel. I did listen to your recording which I found very relaxing.

  • I have suffered from IBS Anxeity andDepression for 27 yrs,I did have hypnotherapy at Manchester Hospital I found it helped but not a great success, at the moment I am suffering from bad acid reflux as well. I can't believe they can't find an answer to this terrible illness. I am the sort of person that has ibs all the time no rest from it. No matter what I have done or who I have seen the answer is always the the same I am one of those people that will have to live with it .I would love to know how people get on trials for ibs or able to find someone whounderstands

  • I try looking for a relief to my IBS symptoms in the power of the prayer...and the assistance of my therapist as well.

  • How has the Hypnosis helped you the most?

    Does the hypnosis help with the pain?

    One of your followers,




  • The hypnosis helped with the anxiety and gave me mechanisms which helped me feel more in control

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