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What are the best food supplements for IBS D-type?

I've been to Allergy and Free From Exhibition recently and spoke to one of the exhibitors promoting wheatgrass powder. She told me that because of detox effect it has on the body, it may not be suitable for those suffering with diahorrea.

I would like to try a green food supplement (such as spirulina), but I'm concerned if it will make my condition worse. Any advise?

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I do the FODMAPs regime which gives me about 90% control over my symptoms, but I find it hard to expand my diet outside of it. As I'm pretty fed-up being so restricted in my food choices, I started taking aloe vera juice (Pukka brand) just over 3 weeks ago, but as I'm told it can take up to 8 weeks to get a result, can't give you any more info on that at present - although a lot of people think it works. It's not doing me any harm at any rate!

Also started on digestive stomach enzymes (Nutrigest) a week ago and as I've just had 3 days without a single problem, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I would add that there are a lot of companies out there which are very anxious to relieve us of our money with spurious claims about their products!


Where did you get the Nutrigest from?



It was recommended to me by 'Therapist' on this site as it doesn't contain sodium benzoate (E211), rice, sweeteners ending in -ol or powdered fruits - none of which I can tolerate and which appear in most other products of this type. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this!


I tried wheatgrass for a while but I can't say I noticed any difference either way. I also bought some Spirulina in Holland & Barrett but stopped taking it when I realised it was made in China. I don't trust any Chinese products.


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