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Hi all I've been suffering with IBS for the last three years. With regular flare ups; days in bed and just unable to function. However, recently I stumbled upon a product that has gradually helped me rebuild my life again. I have started drinking aloe vera gel and taking probiotic tablets. My stomach is much more under control ad do not have to worry what the day ahead will hold for me. This has truly changed my life; as a mother of four young children, the |BS was not only effecting me but the lives of my children as well. I'll be happy to answer any queries you may have. Feel free to email me on I would urge everyone to try alternative treatment you may be amazed with the results!!!!

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Hi there

Thsts fab hun.

Can i ask, is ur ibs d? As been told that aloe vera would cleanse my system n make me go to toilet which would be a disaster for me

my ibs was both and when I initially started the aloe Vera I was visiting loo frequently. however it does cleanse you and the probiotics help with stomach issues. do you have email. why don't you drop me a line on and I could look into it more for you and forward you my finding s.

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