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why is it so difficult to get this test. surely if you have been diagnosed as IBS then this is something that should be done as one of the tests to rule it out. I have been to the doctors three times now. each time i have been given different medication and when i have an outbreak none of them have worked. My latest outbreak has now gone on for at least four weeks and seems to be getting worse not better. The medication is not working and i am cutting foods out and nothing is making a difference. I am now getting really worried i am back to say another doctor next week and i think i will ask about SIBO and ask to be refereed to a specialist as right now i am at the end of my nerve and carnt take much more. I think just the uncertainty and not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel is making me even worse

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Hi ttrojen, I have empathy with you re not getting the test. I was fortunate in that my doctors years ago sent me for a colonoscopy and endoscopy before he even contemplated giving me any kind of diagnosis. He also asked me many questions as well before finally diagnosting IBS. The doctor I have now even agreed for me to go to a dietician, which I have now done and am waiting for another appointment. I have now had a look at the description of SIBO, I'd never heard of it before and see that it is a condition similar to IBS but according to Wikepedia is treated with Antibiotics. Although, I went on to another site and see that SIBO correlates with IBS and it also mentioned Chrons disease. One of the tests I had, although not sure which one, also tested for Chrons disease.

I really hope that your doctors listens and you have at least one of these tests, as far as I'm concerned a doctor cannot diagnose you with IBS unless you have undergone some tests.

If I was you and you are really unsatisfied with your doctor, see if you can go to another one as it's about time all doctors took IBS seriously, after all, it's not something we have put upon ourselves like smoking, eating too much etc etc.

Best of luck


I think it'sm fair to say that there are very few GPs who have more than a basic understanding of IBS. Ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist, so that proper tests can be done for you

Only a gastro can refer you for a SIBO test (which is done by breath), most GPs have never even heard of it. I had one done about 5 weeks ago and, although it was a negative result, it does prove positive for a lot of people and the treatment for it is quite different and, as crazyfitness says, involves antibiotics.

In the meantime, have you gone through the usual food elimination processes and have you seen a dietitian?

Yes, I couldn't agree more that there should be a standard set of tests which are mandatory for an IBS diagnosis. Perhaps we should all lobby our MPs!



I took the test & tested extremely high for SIBO, I have all the normal ibs symptoms. I live in Portland oregon & got the test through the naturopathic college & was only $155. So testing positive, you take antibiotic, probiotic & also treat with special diet. The antibiotic can not kill all the bacteria so that's where the diet comes in, to not feed the bacteria to live off of. Also traditional antibotics are like $750 but the natural antibiotics are $200 & have proven more effective. I also found out I have low stomach acid which also gives you ibs symptoms as well. & there is a supplement for that too. Please please my advice is to get with a naturopath dr that specializes in gastro. My naturopath did more for me in one visit than any other dr or specialist. This is not something to live with.. Something is causing it. I'm so ready to get my life back & I'm heading down the path to recovery :) so get to a good dr & get the process started!


Are you looking for the hydrogen breath test to assess whether you have SIBO? If so, Metabolic Solutions now offers a test that can be ordered directly by patients. Check out the website at metsol.com


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