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my question on membership fees below

i was going to join the ibs network and i requested application form , when i received the app form and info in the post i realised the joining fee was £30 which i cannot afford as i do not work due to ill health and i live on income support and incapacity benefit. do you do a reduced joining fee for people on benefits like me????

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I thought the IBS NETWORK was free to join online?


No it is not. I think I paid £24.00 for the last year.


As a small charity unfortunately we are unable to offer free membership at present.

Membership fee's and donations make up over 70% of our day-to-day running costs and although we hope this will not always be the case, and that we will be in a position to offer free membership in the future at the moment we must ask a fee.


Just to clarify, this HealthUnlocked IBS Network community is free to join and use!

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Gee thanks healthyjohn. Seems like IBS is a hit and miss condition. At last am having great improvement after going lactose free. Cant understand why medical folk didnt suggest it. They seem to just give tablets then if you fall for it try to get you to take antidepressants. Sought non med., advice , and that is how I went Lactose free. Would have thought that should have been advised in the early days. The advised milk was just making me worse, makes me think if IBS is put on records there isnt much proper care given.


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