Post op pain

Had my Robotic surgery 4 weeks ago , now have the expected incontinence , but more concerned about an intense burning pain suddenly coming on at various times but not all the time around my penis . When it starts it feels like a sharp tightness or burning , I had my urine checked for any possible infection , but it seems ok .

Has anyone experienced this post op side effect and is it just a normal post op adjustment of all the muscles damaged

Thanks for any advice Ken

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  • Sorry that you are having pain post op. I never had the pain you mentioned. However, it felt like I was sitting on a baseball for the first two months. A quick search on the internet shows that pain th the penis can happen. That said, I would definitely call the urologist if it does not get better.

  • Thanks Dr Who , will see urologist this week and ask , be well Ken

  • Domani19,

    Since I haven't got any operations till now, I can't tell you any thing about your problem.

    God bless on you.

  • Thanks Ashraf for your kind reply , hope you are doing ok be well Ken

  • Had op 6 wks, had pain about wk3 when needing toilet, cleared quickly, out of pads wk 4ish, back on bike on 5/6, got pos margins, waiting for psa test to find if any cells still there.

  • I never had that pain. Would have thought infection, but you've checked for that. I think it needs further investigation. I hope not, but when your prostate was removed the surgeon has to rejoin your urethra to your bladder. The catheter has to stay in until the join has healed. It may be it didn't heal fully and it's leaking. That means urine is getting into your pelvic cavity. Luckily it's sterile. If it is leaking and it gets infected you would be in real trouble! It's only a possibility, but insist on getting it checked out

  • Thanks Timz it would seem no one really gets this pain , hope it is not what you mentioned , but will have it checked this week with surgeon .

    The pain comes and goes during the day and less so at night

    be well Ken

  • Ken, I'm glad you're getting it checked out and I too hope it isn't what I mentioned. The only other thing I can think of is some sort of internal scarring, but really you're unique, it's a mystery. Hope you solve it

  • Thanks Timz for your kind reply , its hard to deal with the expected incontinence adjustment and also this pain , and don't seem to know what brings it on . Be well Timz best wishes Ken

  • Thanks Timz , surgeon seemed to think this penile pain was all normal post operative pain and could last for up to 3 months . Not sure what brings it on , but it usually comes on each day , and was wondering if it connected with not emptying my bladder properly be well Ken

  • Good Morning

    I haven't been yet operated, hence cannot give comments, except pray for you.

    God bless on you.


  • Thanks for your kind words Ashraf 82

  • Ken, it's not clear to me where the pain is.

    Pain in the penis itself, from about halfway along to just below the glans, is often a bladder spasm - the pain is 'referred' to the penis. I got this moderately badly fairly soon after surgery.

    Pain in the perineum (the internal base of the penis) can be pelvic floor spasms or pelvic floor exhaustion. For this, try going onto your hands and knees, tightening the pelvic floor as in a kegel exercise, then consciously relaxing it. Repeat a few times and leave it relaxed. You may be over-doing the pelvic floor exercises or otherwise over-working the pelvic floor. Resting horizontally also helps reduce the likelihood of it happening if this is the cause.

    Either way, try to get an accurate description of where the pain is, contact your urologist and describe it. It's surprising how well they can often identify a cause from a pain.

    On the other hand this year, two years after surgery, I had pains in the urinary tract that could not be explained. They went away a few weeks after cystoscopy which did not find anything - perhaps it stretched out some scar tissue.

  • Hi MelbourneDavid Thanks so much for your kind reply to me , will try the Kegel exercise you suggested .The pain seems to be coming from behind the testicles . It does come and go through out day sometime with a lot of intensity , which I can only describe as a burning tightness. It seem to be slightly better if I stop and rest and lie down . I don't seem to have a clue what causes it or why it is happening , I don't think I have a urine infection .

    Hope you are now well again , Ken

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