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Promoting Capoeira For Health

Hello. I am wondering what people think of the lack of Capoeira promotion in Britain?

For people who do not know what Capoeira is, It is a martial art / dance that originates from Brazil. It started when African slaves used it as a way to hide the fact that they were learning a style of combat from there Portugese Captors. I have built a website that lists every place that trains Capoeira in the UK:

I was hoping that by contacting some of the government sites, they would mention it as some way to promote it but sadly thats not been the case. The health and fitness benefits for both kids and adults are huge. Anyone know of any sites in the UK that encourage activity etc that i could speak to?

Thanks guys

Rita x

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Have you tried Barnet council xx


Hi Zoe,

I have not tried them but i will have a look at there site xx

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