Been a while

I have been following the program but mainly concentrating on the knee exercises as recommended and have found them helpful. They do take a while to have some effect but they really do help.

Still swimming at the weekends and I am doing a B210K running plan now as well. I wish this weather would make its mind up. Running in the rain is one thing, but S&F in the rain is not fun so have been doing some indoors.

Hope you are all keeping well.

Alan :-)

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  • Hi Alan,

    We've got more knee exercises here:

  • Looked at this and will do some. What on earth is the teardrop muscle though? (last exercise) Linda

  • Teardrop muscle is medically known as the vastus medialis

  • That's what so great about S&F... you can do it anywhere, with a bit of inventiveness. :-)

    Have fun.

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