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Could PSYCOLOGICAL Probs be the cause of: bradycardia - near syncope - hot flushes - clammyness - tight chest - lightheaded - balance loss -

Hi and thanks for taking the time to look at this. The list above also includes breathing difficulties and confusion, irritability & very sensitive to temp change - This only for last couple of years. Now I can't stand ( literally it). Glad to say that I've been feeling much better for the last week. The other symptoms have gone and the confusion much better too. Recently had Cardio tests - Echo & Monitor as found to be Bradycardic. No results as yet but I now know I have Bigeminies as they monitored on ward. A recent endoscopy has shown Pylorus lesion - and also awaiting a colonoscopy when Cardio have finished with their part. I also have FM. I had a hysterectomy and both ovaries removed & have chronic cystitis (result of the latter, 23 yrs ago). OA and migraines (no headaches - just the visual & word loss & confusion). Went to A & E where triage nurse said pulse 55 BP 168/102 ......was feeling totally out of sorts - not knowing what day it was - searching for things and forgetting what I was looking for - all bloods came back fine. Dr said there's nothing wrong - I requested a cat scan - this was clear. Dr said she was referring to psychs. I'm not concerned who I see as long as they can ensure I don't have a reoccurance. Dysautonomia was suggested on site but a test - lying still for 10 mins and then standing showed that my BP went up BUT my pulse dropped to 31. While in hospital they have often noted this low pulse rate. I do sometimes get giddy when I stand but there is no comparison to what I mentioned above. If you can help I'd be grateful. Thx Ann

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Hi Ann

STARS has a booklet, Psychogenic Blackouts which you may find helpful. If you would like a copy, please email I am always available if you have any particular concerns, though some of your symptoms I am not familiar with obviously.

Best wishes



Thanks Jenni - I'll definitely have one of those. Was reading up on how our brains can have such a devastating affect on our poor bodies and with the ANS coming into the equation, mental illness is a very real possibility. Thanks again for replying - Ann


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