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Fainting with out a warning


Hi everyone, I'm a 16 year old female I fainting for the first time back in September and landed up in hospital after having a seizure due to landing awkward and blocking my airway had loads of tests done that all came back clear but almost a year on and I'm still fainting and don't get any warnings I forget what was happening about 10 minutes before it happens, I went away for two weeks with the army cadets came home two weeks ago and I fainted 12 times within 8 days not sure what it could be but my dr said that I'll most likely grow out of it but I'm not to sure about that.. could someone please help me get an idea what it could be... thank you

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Don't take 'you'll grow out of It' for an answer. My daughter, now 19, struggled with fainting and the gp said the same thing. We spoke to STARS who suggested a local cardiologist who specialised in fainting. She was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope and put on medication which helps immensely. She also has to drink 3 litres of water a day and have a high salt diet. So, push for a referral and dont give up! Good luck.

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Thank you, I will definitely keep trying to get an answer

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I have the same condition, and just had my first replacement pacemaker done in April. Medicine didn't work for me. Hope yourdaughter is doing well.

Hello. My 14 year old daughter first started fainting in March this year. They were genuine vasovagal faints due to low blood pressure. The GP referred us first to a consultant paediatrician and then on to a cardiologist in London.

By the end of April, she was fainting up to three or four times a day.

The results of a stress test, 48-hour heart monitor and tilt table test all pointed to psychogenic pseudosyncope, in addition to some normal vasovagal syncope.

The psychogenic blackouts are due to 'severe trauma/distress' and my daughter is now undergoing clinical psychological therapy to 'unlock' whatever is causing the brain/body to shut down.

In conjunction with the counselling, she has also been prescribed fludrocortisone, a mineral steroid, to help increase her blood pressure.

We are lucky to have had all these referrals/treatment through my husband's private healthcare. Sadly, it is not going to be a quick fix.

Definitely don't give up!! Good luck!!

Thank you, I went to the dr last week and got my blood pressure checked and she said it was normal but I have realised my heart rate goes up as I'm standing and walking around I'm just worried about going back to school and fainting all the time it's so frustrating when someone tells me to let them know when I'm about to go but I don't get no warnings just black out and forget everything that's happend, I really do hope something can be done, thank you again for replying x


Have you been checked for POTS?

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No, but I'm going back to the drs next week and I'll be suggesting it to my drabs hopefully start getting tests done again

There is a page called STARS for those who suffer with syncope, which fainting is. You may need to checkout your blood pressure or have a tilt table test to try and come to truly understand what is causing it, but on the stars web site you can look up symptoms and see if any match.

I've just had my blood pressure checked 128/99 which was normal according to the nurse and I'm not getting any warnings before hand


It's a lying and standing blood pressure and heart ratethat's needing to be done. It won't show up on a normal sitting bp check. 5 mins lying down and bp/heart rate reading then standing, taken straight away then 2mins and 5 mins

Failing that a tilt table test x good luck

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Thank you x

Find a new doctor. Ask for a tilt table test. You need to find a cardiologist that specializes in wiring not plumbing (my doctors term). I did not get the right diagnosis until I was 29, I had to fight for myself and went through 8 doctors before finding one who would listen to me. Good luck

Thank you x

Hi, just wondering if you got help/found anything that helped? My 16-year-old daughter has exactly the same and so far every test has been 'normal' which is not much help if you are fainting ten times a day

I'm almost 18 now and it's been on going for almost 2 and a half years I've had so many different tests and similar they all came back normal, my faints have gotten worse over the last year and the doctors have no idea on a cause. It's so frustrating not knowing because your life is put on hold.

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