I have been referred to a vascular consultant as I'm having trouble with painful muscles/cramps in my legs when I walk upstairs, or uphill. I have Raynauds, Sjogren's and arthritis, and to be honest, I feel a bit spooked. My appointment was supposed to be less than 2 weeks after I saw the GP, but as I'm going on holiday, it will be the week after. I'm only 54 and have never had high cholesterol - although I do have high blood pressure, and I'm trying not to panic. Any thoughts?


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  • Don't panic. See the vascular consultant and solve the problem. That's what I did. Best wishes.

  • Thank you for answering Zenabb. What was the outcome for you?


  • I have Crest, and i have been developing painful legs whilst going uphill/upstairs. After reading several articles on the subject, i asked my GP to give me a blood test to check my Vitamin D levels, as i heard that they can get very low with people who have autoimmune disorders. When the results came back they were indeed very low. One of the major symptoms of low vit D levels is muscle pains, so i suggest you get this checked out!

  • inkedup, thank you. That was my GPs first thought. He checked my blood levels for Vit D about a month ago, and they came back fine. In the meantime, the muscles were getting worse. I had the pulses/ultrasound in my legs tested at the practice last week and they were very high at 160 bpm. When the GP saw the results, he immediately made the appointment with the vascular people, as he said that the level was too high to interprete, but that all my symptoms pointed to calcification.


  • Sounds to me like you have a good GP and practice for them to have dealt with this so proficiently ( i have to tell mine what i think they need to do!!) - perhaps you will have to go onto steroids to reduce the inflammation caused by the calcification - good luck!

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