I went to a theme park the other day for the whole day and it was extremely cold. I've suffered with Raynauds disease for a long time now and it never normally bothers me too much but they were white for most of the day when i was at the theme park. When they finally warmed up the skin at the tip of my fingers felt very strange and tingly and almost like i've burnt them, still getting this sensation the following day. Any ideas? :/

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  • It seems that your Raynaud's is not being treated. I would suggest you see your GP as soon as possible. Nifedipine is usually the treatment of choice to widen your blood vessels and get nourishing blood to your extremities.

  • I find Balmosa cream good,it mosturises your skin and it opens up your blood vessels to let your fingers get their share of circulation ,also wear gloves (cotton are the best ) if nessicary (How do you spell that ?) wear a wooley pair over the top

  • I was like this most of the time untill I started treatment of nifedipine and fortunatly this seems to work for me. I agree with zenabb hv a chat with your gp and try and get some meds in place...

  • Hi. I have Raynaud's and am also on Nifidipine and it does seem to help. I also suggest you go to your GP and get this treatment as soon as possible. Exercise is good to get the blood rushing to your fingers. I swing my arms around and around to push the blood down. keep your hands as warm as possible. Hope that helps.

  • Hi, there this sounds nothing new to me,i can't hang the washing out with out this happening,now mittens are better as all your fingers can move together,nifidipine can help help some people,although it never did me,even on double dose,which makes your head want to explode,just keep warm at all times ,i'm under a top consultant who is brill,but there is still no cure,i have and am undergoing new tec surgery which has helped some ,but as the he say's, i do still have to keep hands and feet warm at ALL TIMES ..... my next opp is in may,and have had lots of surgery in a hope not just ,for me to have a bit better life with my 4 kids and there are lots i can't do with them now,which hurts alot ,but for all other suffer's too,just keep keep hands and feet warm,even when it is nice outside,cos i don't even have to go out ..hope this helps a little.

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