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Discomfort from dry eyes.

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Has anyone else had to stop driving because of the discomfort from dry eyes? When I see the optician she always says my distance vision is OK for driving but there is so much discomfort that I know I'm not safe. All the doctors say is put drops in, but I've yet to find anything effective. I've tried almost all over the counter drops and those which have been prescribed, and also use a heat pad.

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I had this discussion with my optican last week!!! I put drops in before i drive , optican also told me to blink regularly. I think the air con dries my eyes as well so I turn the blower off . It hasn’t stopped me driving yet but sometimes my eyes do get a bit blurry . I hope you can find a solution.

I have dry eyes. At night they hurt and feel like sand is in them. My Eye doctor at Bascom Palmer Eye Intitute prescribed Xidra Eye drops but they burnt my eyes too bad. Right now I am using Systane Complete Preservative Fee eye drops and it helps and then at night I use the Sysatane Night Gel as its thicker. I use it right at bedtime. I am also waiting for a procedure called Lipiflow which is heat, pressure and pulsation that unblocks the oil glans I in the eyes. Until then I use warm heat which also helps. Maybe ask your doctor about Xidra or Restatis Eye drops . Good luck.

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Tula1 in reply to Jmrose

I have similar problems. Is that Lipiflow treatment available on NHS or do you have to pay?

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Jmrose in reply to Tula1

Unfortunately I have to pay...at lease in the states and with my insurance 😤

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Tula1 in reply to Jmrose

Ah I see. I have never heard of it nor been offered it before, so thanks to your post it is definitely something I am going to ask about.

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Jmrose in reply to Tula1

Good Luck

I have dry eyes from Sjögren’s syndrome, I was prescribed Hyloforte eye drops, they’re great and really do help. You can get them over the counter if your GP won’t add them to your prescription. Like others have suggested turn the blower off or make sure it’s pointed away from you when driving. Good Luck

I’m the same, dry blurry eyes and optician prescribed hyloforte too which sort of helps but still blurry eyes yet sight ok albeit I wear glasses to help at times. I’ve just bought a heat pad so will try and see if it helps. Not heard of lipiflow treatment, presume prescribed?

I use Hyloforte eyedrops on prescription with Xaline nighttime gel before bed. A cold gel mask helps with dryness too. Do u wear sunglasses? I've found my rapid eyewear shades really useful to cut out the glare of sunlight n there are nighttime glasses too to cut the glare of headlights after dark

I have sjogren syndrome, No Saliva and No tears. Eye specialist, prescribed Hylo-forte ( 4 times a day ) and Clinitas gel just before bed. Yet to be given for dry mouth, which even more irritable.He said shop brought drops were waste of money and never work if you have a eye problems. 👀

Hope this helps.

Eye drops.

I use biotene gel at night for dry mouth and big glass of water beside the bed .

Do they help your eyes,because you have the same as me when I drive, my eyes same to be blurry I blink a couple of times.sometimes I pull over the road .truerose

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bearman in reply to truerose

No drops have helped, I think I put them in more to feel I'm doing something rather than for any good they do. I'm going to ask about Ikervis as in Kimmo's post.

I have experienced the same problem as you to a certain extent and now won’t drive in the dark. There are also days when I won’t drive as I don’t feel safe. I use hycosan extra and Thealoz duo drops during the day but eventually I was referred to a consultant as my GP was treating me for continual conjunctivitis which I knew it wasn’t. He prescribed Ikervis eye drops, one drop each eye before bed, which contain Ciclosporin and this has made a great difference. I also use an electric heated eye mask. The combination of all these have enabled me to feel more confident driving, but I still have the odd day when I won’t; this I put down more to scleroderma now though 🥴. Hope this helps.

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bearman in reply to kimmo

Thanks for that. I've also been using Hycosan extra without much success. The optician has referred me to a consultant but who knows how long I'll wait for an appointment. Your experience has been more positive than mine up till now so it has given me hope.

I hope you get an answer but ask the consultant about Ikervis and see what he says. Good luck. 🤞

Hycosan Extra help me

I got clinitas eye drops, they are thicker than usual drops.

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