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Raynauds with other auto immune issues

I have Pbc which is a non alcohol related cirrhosis of the liver, this is an auto immune disease. I also have lichen sclerosis, lichen planus, psoriasis and raynauds. The raynauds has got worse since starting methotrexate to help with the lichen sclerosis. I seem to be getting one auto immune disease after the other has anyone else noticed this. I really wonder if the raynauds is just yet another auto immune problem or has been cause/made worse by the methotrexate. Any help.

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I have PBC, Scleroderma and Hypothyroidism, all autoimmune conditions, which means i now have multiple autoimmune syndrome. I am also positive for the Gastric Parietal antibody for pernicious anemia, another autoimmune condition. You can get further support for PBC on:


I suggest all Raynauds/Scleroderma/PBC etc. read the Vasculitis Foundation Site. Google it. It's very interesting and will bring understanding I think. I had Bechets syndrome/disease 38 years ago. All symptoms vanished after 7 years, but it was horrific while it lasted. The other day I was looking up Rare Diseases and came across the Vasculitis Foundation Site and it's made a whole difference to the way I understand what happened to my body way back then. It's a comfort to be on this on-line support group. One doesn't feel so alone. Chin up everyone! There is hope in the Lord for all of us.


Hi Grandmaj52,

I have Lichen Sclerosus and Raynauds, i have had vasculities. Have you been to the Royal Free Hospital? very good dermatolgist there.


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