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Good news!

Just got a call from the GP I saw this morning who said she called the Royal Free and spoke to the consultant's secretary who in turn spoke to one of the Registrars on the team and they have arranged an appointment for me 25 March.

Considering they only got my referral through 5 Feb and I was hoping to be seen within 3 months I am pretty impressed with both my GP and the hospital for getting me seen so quickly. The NHS can come up trumps sometimes!

Feeling hopeful for the first time in ages :)

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Glad that you have some good news at last. From what I have heard I am positive that the Royal Free will be able to help. Good for your GP in chasing it up so effectively, she obviously feels a bit out of her depth, but that's what the specialist centres are for. GPs cannot be expected to know everything about everything. Best of luck, keep us posted.


You are lucky that you have been referred to Royal Free and not a local centre.

I had one particular local hospital procedure in November and over the last few days I have been receiving phone messages to call to make a medical appointment. That is all. No more information. With all the telephone pests these days I was reluctant to ring 'a number' and divulge medical info to an 'unknown authority'. I called my GPs surgery to check whether they were the source and was told no. I called the number and was told that I should be aware of what it was for but nobody had informed me.

The problem is that I am being seen by many doctors covering a range of specialities. It could have been in relation to anything. I eventually found out that it was a follow up to an investigation at my local hospital in November.

I am super unimpressed with my introduction to the new idea of community health. Especially as I am already in the care of a well respected doctor for area in question and I have seen him a couple of times since the November procedure.

...... If it aint broke why oh why try to fix it and do it badly........

Felt it should be said.

I hope you have better things to report from Royal Free.


wow that is great news ! I should have been there today but had my appt put back until May ! I have been blessed to be under the care of Prof Denton and his team at The Royal Free for the last 15 years ! It is really important for a new diagnosis to be seen early and a treatment plan put in place, as the first few years are the most devastating in terms of tissue and organ damage. I wish you every success with your return to well being and i know that Prof Denton and his team will do more than their best to help you, as what they do not know about scleroderma, raynauds and associated disorders, is not worth knowing ! Good luck and stay positive :)


That is great work. Let us know how you got on.


This is great news - they are fantastic up there - but be prepared for a wait though .. the clinics run late but that is purely as they do not rush patients & take their time with each & everyone of us as they care so much ....all the very best ... :)


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