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Winter is bad but summer is also bad... anyone else suffer?

As we all know winter is bad but i wondered if anyone else suffered the same as me during summer...

Apart from trying to keep warm on long hot summer days and air conditioning, I've found my legs/ankles/feet become swollen and ache like you wouldn't believe - does anyone else suffer with this and does medication help?

I've only been recently diagnosed after years of suffering with raynards and also wondered if my swollen feet/ankles/legs were part and parcel of it?

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. (AND I will be off to the docs for medication, as I think I've delayed it long enough) xx

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Hi LiseHickin,

I know that in winter I can barely feel my fingers & toes & I'm prone to chilblains. Come summer my hands & feet seem to 'balloon' as they swell up in the warmth, suddenly my wedding rings fit a lot more 'snug' on my finger & I have to loosen my shoes. I'm not sure whether it's Raynauds or my EDSH or a bit of both that's to blame but it certainly makes life a bit more entertaining (fortunately my husband is another that isn't too fond of 'hot' nor 'cold' holidays abroad). I take occasional ibuprofen when the swelling & pain get too extreme but generally it's avoiding tight clothing that works best for comfort.

Air conditioning always seems to make me want to add layers, it works a little too efficient at cooling the room.


Yes. This year especially owing to the cold Spring and - according to my hands' and feet opinion- continuing cold. My Raynaud's has been the worst for a very long time. Can't seem to get warm at all and hands range from blue to white even indoors. Have even had to resort to going to bed to get warm once more, although this takes quite a while.

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Thanks both.

Looks like it's a trip to the Docs. My family are highly amused that i've been sitting in my cardigan and then have bare feet stuck in the sunshine to try to get them warm...

Oh well, keep warm xx

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Hiya !

yep I can relate to this ! I can be sat in the sunshine roasting, but my hands and feet are as cold as ice blocks !

it is sooooo frustrating ! I have been trying to visualise my blood warming up around my extremities ! Living the dream :) x

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Yes, in summer it is funny how my hands and feet still stay cold. However when I am out in summer and get warm, that swollen burning feeling and go red.

Recently I say a new rheumatogist who was standing in for my consultant and he was particularly interested in raynauds (I have it secondary to lupus). He said people with Raynauds have poor temperature control. So we overheat as well as get cold. This explains a lot.


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