Organization of Support Group in Southern Middle Tennessee

Organization of Support Group in Southern Middle Tennessee

If anyone is interested in the above area to help organize a support group in our area please contact me at I am new to this disease Scleroderma, however together we can find resources, answers, and uplift each other. I am pretty good at organizing and sure look forward to making new friends to join me in this new journey.

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  • Hi GinaAnn, I'm in Tx but wish you luck in creating this group. It will benefit not only you but others as well. As you read through all the questions, answers and blogs, you'll find alot of information already available. Please check out this uplifting website called I always get uplifting video's, songs from young christian talent and great daily verses to start my day. Be blessed on your journey!

  • Thank you Marcy, yes I use their videos a lot in our writer's netzine and share them on my Facebook. My case seems unique, I do not have a spleen. It was removed 3 years ago with an anurisim, so I am curious if we can get enough people together to share our journeys with these diseases.

  • wondering where u are as I am in Lebanon...

  • I am in Pulaski/Giles County.

  • I wish we were a little bit closer I am from upper East TN by Koxville. A support group would be wonderful.

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