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new rheumatologist

today i saw my new rheumatologist since moving recently...he seems very proactive in my treatment ...being sent for a barium meal and started me on hydroxychloroquine..also had a jab in my butt whilst there!!! he wants to see me again in 2 months...but sounds like it might not be scleroderma but at the mo its an undifferentiated connective tissue disease.

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Its good when a new person looks at your symptoms afresh :) what area of the country are you in?


Both the dr and consultant were really good I've recently moved from Northumberland to Peterborough -I had only seen the one up north once but the way the new ones talked to me they made sure I knew exactly what's going on rather than information overload - they checked I understood everything -really took there time with me x


Good for you. Good luck.


Kerry, I take hydroxycholoroquine for Sjogren's syndrome. I think it's used for other conditions too. It took around 6 months to kick in for me, but made a huge difference to my pain and fatigue levels.



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