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Recurring shingles - possible triggers

I have already had a bad case of shingles this year, and think I'm having another flare up (blisters in the same place on the same side of my body). I've heard that stress can be a trigger. Does anyone else with raynauds and scleroderma have this problem with recurring shingles? I know there is no cure for it, but I find that preparing myself mentally helps!

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Gosh no, don't have this sorry cant help you. As you say mentally preparing yourself helps in most situations.


I have CREST and I got shingles earlier this year - I think I got it as a result of a weakened immune system from my condition, weight loss, stress and being over-tired. I am hoping it won't come back but I did speak to my consultant about it. They say that stress was probably the most likely factor but I think that anyone with Raynaud's and/or Scleroderma must be at slightly higher risk because the immune system is not quite 100%. I hope you don't have too many further recurrences - make sure you get to the doctors and start taking the anti-virals as soon as you can to try to avoid ongoing nerve problems. I find I still itch around my lower back in the area where my blisters came up. Take care!


Hi Layla45666, Sorry to hear of your shingle problem. I too have Scleroderma and Raynauds I can certainly identify with your situation for I've had shingles 4 times since 1992. It last reoccurred 09/2008 after having lung surgery. From what I have learned, stress has a lot to do with it surfacing. I can feel sensitivity from time to time where it broke out before on my right side, and rear right side. I immediately start to increase my rest, relaxation, oftentimes I will do an extra Yoga routine to help stretch my body out and help my body to relax. It seems that I have managed to keep them away a few times when I thought that they were flaring up in the last year. I really need to stop putting off from having a shingle shot now that they are offered by many pharmacies. - I would also recommend seeking the following book at a Library, Nutrition or Book Store or online, which has Practical A-Z Referennce to Drug-Free Remedies Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Food Supplements: Prescription for Nutritional Healing. I have the 2nd Edition from 1997. Have seen updates in the stores since. Very good reference book to have on hand. I wish you all the best for improved health, comfort and prevention from future outbreaks of shingles. We know that they are extremely painful. GOD bless you.


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