Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

Hi, I've just found the link to this from the RSA website. I am 31 and was diagnosed with raynauds 2 years ago when my toes

ulcerated in the snowy weather, I then last year broke my foot (5th metatarsal) when I came down the stairs from carpet to floor boards and my foot went numb (although the docs are insistant that it went numb when the bone broke, not the other way round) this took 6 months to become heal sufficiently to go about normal life as the plaster cast caused a pressure sore on my ankle and I was left with continuous numbness on one side of my foot and extreme sensitivity on the other. Over this year i have struggled with hip/back/knee pain that stems according to my GP from my sacro-illiac joint. He is most insistant that all these issues are not connected to my raynauds, but I am starting to wonder. Does anyone have any problems alike these, or started this way and it was just one ache/pain after another.

I have not been tested for anything nor seen a reumatologist apart from 2 years ago when blood tests showed a higher then average protein level, but this was not followed up.

Any thoughts

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I would suggest that you ask to see a rheumatologist anyway. Have you been tested for osteoporosis?


My maternal grandmother suffers from osteoporosis so would be a risk factor. I have a docs appt nxt week so will discuss with him.


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