Confused....I was diagnosed with Raynauds and hyperhidrosis in around 1980, whilst in South Africa . My surgeon performed a lumbar

Sympathectomy first, followed a year later by a cervical sympathectomy. The cervical one not being quite as successful, but not bad. Now I have restless leg syndrome, and latterly, really bad foot pain at night, these two keep me awake most nights. I also have a patch of extremely thick skin around one of my finger joints, which is extremely ugly and embarrassing, with another forming over another finger joint, any ideas anybody ??

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  • Magnesium is the treatment for restless legs and cramp. Often we are unable to absorb enough Magnesium from the environment for various reasons so a Homeopathic or herbal supplement is often enough to help. My husband doesn't have any of the nasty Autoimmune disorders that we have but he does get cramp in his legs and a daily dose of Mag.Phos helps and he hardly ever has any trouble. Our son had restless legs as a teen and our GP recommended Magnesium.

    Why is the thick skin embarassing? It is part of your disorder and if anybody is rude enough or even friendly enough to mention it just tell them. It is not as if you can do anything about it or pass it on to them (I wish!!!!!).

  • Apart from the skin disorder, having spent 40 years in SA , I also have unsightly sun damaged skin, exacerbated by the extremely dry skin arising from the sympathectomies. Unfortunately some of these sun spots are now cancerous, so I'm having biopsies carried out on them, mostly on my legs and feet, but also my arms and ears. Thank you so much for the advice on the magnesium, I shall certainly try it.

  • Suggested treatment for foot pain could be Gabapentin or Pregabalin. Restless Leg Syndrome can be very annoying.You can't really do much regarding the thickened skin - it happens unfortunately!


  • Is it sclerosis??...I have a doctors appointment, but only in mid march.

  • More likely fibrosis.

  • Thank you so much

  • It's a pleasure!


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