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I was just sitting here thinking about when I used to think taking two pills at once was a lot and three, wow no way that was just to much to swallow. I have just taken my evening pills and I take 10 on an evening. And I just swallowed them all in one go, wash it down with a bit of water and all done. LOL just thought I would post somewhere where there are others that understand. I take so many pills on a day any more, that people comment about the strange rattle they hear when I walk into a room! hehe

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Me too! I've just put a spare set of my prscription meds (25 of them) in my car in case of bad weather this winter. I know it's not an ideal place to put them, as far as temperature control is concerned, but otherwise, I would have to keep a wheely bag with me:)



I do the same Kathy, I have travel containers to keep them in just in case. I do mine mainly if I go anywhere and am planning on being home in time to take them but then end up not getting back. I have to take pills in the morning at 4pm and then at 6pm and lastly at 10pm. It is a real pain sometimes! I also have my computer set up to remind me as I tend to forget to take them. Not sure if it is old age or what! lol



I am pleased to say I take nothing and just struggle on as best I can, as I feel no better for anything that has been prescribed,if anything, worse. :)


Well I tried that Sandra Marie and ended up with Vasculitis and three dead toes. So I take my meds now but whatever works for people is what is best I think!


I certainly understand myself I take 24 pills a day.i get so tired of taking so much medicine.I actually was taking more but I had to come off of them . They made me so sick I could not function on a daily bases. I actually could not even get up out the bed.i figured out which ones that I could take by taking just one pill a day till I eliminated all the ones that made me sick and still ended up taking 24!??


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