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Hi Everyone

It is interesting to read all the comments and thought perhaps I could make some personal observations and perhaps pose a question or two.

I have Progressive MS, Raynauds and Osteoperosis. Swollowing is a problem and I can no longer eat dry food without moisture of some sort. I love blueberries and these help between bites. I tried a gel spray when talking was hard and it did have a limited use but is not pleasant and more than a little awkward to have to carry it around. I can also drip saliva when leaning forward which is a bit odd.

I have only seen my GP who diagnosed Raynauds. I take Adipine everyday and know this helps because my feet look dead when I am late with one of the two dose taken.

I also have some spongy moist bits on my right foot and my first question is - is this Raynauds or something else?

My hands and feet are frequently cold and when the temperature drops I have a lot of pain in all limbs, in fact my body cannot tolerate the cold. Although my hands can also be numb and go a raspberry shade when placed in hot water they function well. My main problem is my feet - they often look like the toes belong to a corpse, are very painful when they heat up with some toes taking a good 10 minutes to get to a more normal shade. The base of the toes on my right foot, all the way across is mostly white even with Adipine with the viens being hardly visible and a pale puce colour. Any pressure in this area is painful. Is this down to the MS or is it Raynauds, or both?

Not much is mentioned about feet,are my feet affected more because my mobility is limited?

Any observations or similar experiences gratefully received.



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Hi Moi

I wear Ugg boots and ski socks 365 days of the year to keep my feet warm ! I find that walking in shoes is now an impossibility for me especially when my toes are blue and stiff ! I have diffuse scleroderma and raynauds which makes me house bound for most of the year - thank goodness to be able to have access to the world in my living room via the internet ! I also wear thuinsulate gloves if I have to go out anywhere - usually hospital appointments and Morrisons ! living the dream :)

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Hi kerry72, try asking your g p for nifedipine, this helps to open up the veins and allow the blood to circulate round the body, only problem is it can make one feel a little light headed but I can say this has not the case for me. x


Thanks for your feedback. I am seeing my GP on Thursday and will ask for a referal to a Rheumatologist. My Rehab consultant mentioned nifedipine as well so that is also on the list.

Best wishes, Moi


My feet just started bothering me they are sending me to a neurologist.. I will let you know what they say!! But I am falling down cause I can't feel my feet! :( good luck!


Hi any update on how you got on I also suffer Raynaud's in feet mainly my toes makes me very unhappy and would love to speak to other for tips and advice please.


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