Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK)

Keeping on top of things

One thing I have noticed now that I have Scleroderma and all its little associated diseases, is that I always want to know why things are being done and what benefit they will give me. I know it is probably weird but before I had this if a doctor said I needed a test, I was like 'Ok if you think it is best' But not anymore, now I want to know why they think I need it and if I have it what benefit will come from it.

I just got a referral through to go to the eye clinic to see an Opthomologist. No idea why as I am not having any trouble with my eyes, one of the few body parts not affected at the moment lol. So I called my GP and said I got this letter and can they tell me who and why I was referred. You would think I was asking them to give me classified information. But after being quite firm they are looking into it and are going to call me back once they find out what is going on.

I suppose this is one plus to having the Scleroderma, that I am more aware of my treatments and no longer just a good little patient and go with the flow, I suppose this may make me seem akward (cant spell hehe) to them but it is my body after all, and I got enough doctor appts to go to for things I know is wrong, I no longer want to waste time on stuff that won't help me in any way.

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I fully agree with you.


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