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hi I recently had illoprost and I do think it has improved things to a degree however I a still have to take my other tablets for many years I have taken a tablet in the morning and one at night used to get this herbal tablet from the raynauds group and then trust william have tried calling them to no avail and I have not may tablets left can anyone suggest where I can purchase these from or any alternative to it many thanks x?Britty.

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If Seredrin is extract of gingko biloba, which I believe it it, I now get mine delivered from online ordering through Pharma Nord - it's alled Bio Biloba. They also sell a host of other vits and supplements including fish oil, vit D, etc. which I also take. Address of UK distributors is Telford Courtm MorpethNE61 2DB. Hope this helps.

I too had Iloprost and a scheduled for an annual top-up in January. I do believe it has helped as no ulcers at the moment. Hoorah!


I have seen seredrin today on Ebay today. Just search with Google and you will find it.

Best Wishes

Jacqui 122


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