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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Houdini?!?!

I have been wearing my splints at night to help with the pins and needles from my carpal tunnel syndrome - generally they have helped but I still wake up sometimes and my hands are numb so I struggle with the velcro straps to take off the splints!! A couple of weeks ago, somewhat bizarrely, I went to bed wearing my splints and woke up without them on and found them on the quilt in the middle of the bed. I have no recollection of taking them off and they can't slide off and my boyfriend didn't hear or see me take them off either!! Just call me Houdini!! I haven't done it since - who knows what happened! I can only guess I took them off in a deep sleep. I am starting to feel the effects of the carpal tunnel syndrome more during the day now - sometimes I put my hand in a certain position and it traps the nerve and sort of "shocks" the hand with pins and needles. My right hand is the main problem. I am dreading the cold weather - contending with both Raynaud's attacks and carpal tunnel syndrome is not going to be too much fun I don't think. If anyone has any thoughts/tips I would be interested to know. A friend of mine has offered me some acupuncture to help with the carpal tunnel syndrome so I thought I might give that a go at some point.

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I had surgery for carpal tunnel years ago, long before I had Scleroderma, and I really have no suggestions that may help. I wore the braces but they did not do any good for me and I ended up with the surgery. I still get little zings up my arm and hand when certain points are pressed on my right hand, and my hand is much weaker since the surgery. Only thing I did that helped a little was hand excersises, I had a squiggy ball that I used, and then did finger stretchs. This helped with the pins and needles. Hope you get some relief and the acupunture helps!


I have got two of the little squidgy Percy things so I will have to try and use them a bit more - sit and squeeze them if I am watching the tv or something!


I have raynauds. But been for other test to see what else is up with my arm. I read your comments and questions then. A question I have just 20mins ago asked on ere of anybody else gets a shock like spasm if lift anything and wow seem to s. Found the answer to my wrist pain. My sister suggested I mite have carpal. But my rhuemi doesn't take me on when I suggest it to her. But I will tell my physio whenn I go see her. Hope things get sorted for U people. So painful. More so on this snowy cold weather. Constantly av my hot water bottle for my hand. X


Have you had tests on your wrists. I went to the Royal Free and they did some electronic tests on my hands, I can't remember what it was called but I had a cuff around my wrist and then they put electrodes on my fingers, palms etc. Then did the same on the other hand. I was told immediately that I had carpal tunnel in one wrist and carpal tunnel syndrome in the other.

Also my rheumatologist (at a later date) gave me steroid injections into the tendons in my wrists to ease the pains, numbness and pins and needles in my fingers. It worked for quite a few weeks if not months. She did it again when all the symptoms came back. My Dr, has since told me I shouldn't have too many because it can cause damage to the tendons. Typical they give with one hand and take back with the other.

I wear splints at night and often during the day when things are bad but worry that this will in effect weaken my wrists. I was also told to delay surgery for as long as possible, I think it can only be done once.

As for the 'houdini' splints. I have also done this. Sometimes when my wrists are clenching and turning in too much I get really bad pains in my forearms and underneath, when I take my splints off I feel relief from this pain. I think that is when it happens. I have woken with some of the Velcro undone or a couple of times with the splints 'missing'.

I hope this helps, Tina x


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