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Had an arguement with the pavement last week. I lost!

Walking the dog, last week; the little monkey saw a cat, the cat arched up. Scared the dog she pulled, wasn't concentrating she pulled me, tripped up nice big gash on my, big graze underneath it. And caught my elbow as well. Still ache.

I always seem to injury the same areas each time, I hope i am not the only one who is like this???????

So not sleeping v. well because of it Any tips?

Does anyone else with Raynauds's sometimes feel down?

Where's the sun gone?

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Yes, I fall down, and often feel down too. More often than not though, I just seem to wobble a bit,and managed to catch hold of something.

It's cold and wet this morning and I'm feeling very downhearted - surely autumn can't be here already?

Have a better day today.



Ouch - I hope you are aching a bit less now. I think it has been quite muggy of late so sleeping is sometimes quite uncomfortable anyway. I'm not too sure on tips - perhaps painkillers to ease the aching or getting some heat onto the sore areas. You could try a bath before you go to bed to see if that helps?? I suppose getting comfortable once you lie down is a bit tricky?! I think most people would agree on here that they get down from time to time - probably more in the colder weather though. My hands did not like the walk to work this morning - they do not do downpours and cool air!! I think the rain is set to stay for a few days. I had a day off work on Tuesday and it was the best day of the week so I was quite lucky. I hope you recover soon :-)


I get dizzy quite often, and stumble all the time. Thankfully I have not actually fallen, as with my weight Im sure something would break, or hopefully there would be enough padding to break my fall lol.

I guess we had our one week of summer, as it is cold and rainy here in Leeds as well, my fingers are going nuts. My cuticles keep cracking and bleeding and no amount of lotion or creams seems to be helping. My fingers hurt so bad it is hard to do anything, and at night they throb and keep me awake! If anyone knows of any tips for this I would appreciate it. Weather wise, when it was hot and humid I was having a terrible time breathing, that has resolved now, but then it is the hands. I guess there is always something.

I get down at times too, it is understandible with all that we put up with on a day to day basis, so dont beat yourself up for it. I just try to do things that I know make me feel better, I make my special spiced tea and have a nice cuppa, I bake something (and then eat it which isnt good for dieting but oh well lol) and soon I am not feeling so bad. But there are times when it seems the bad out ways any good.

I wish I had more to keep me busy, I sometimes think I should volunteer or something, but then I get a bad bout of stomach problems or muscle pains and I figure I wouldn't be much use for anyone. I have taken up playing a new instrument, the Dulcimer, and am practing with that. But dang it is hard to remember things now lol, it was much easier when I was 12 and learning the violin, new things stayed in my head longer than 5 mins then LOL.

I hope you get to feeling better and the aches aren't to bad. I don't have many suggestions for the falling except maybe shoes, certain shoes seem to catch worse than others for me so I avoid them 8)


Hi thank u for replying, hope the sun comes back but not too hot.


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