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trouble swallowing/keeping food down

I often experience not being able to swallow food and even fluids can take time to go down sometimes!

i get awful pain in my chest when food is stuck and then comes back up-yuk!

when this first started it was just my chest that i felt the restriction in but now even my throat is a problem with swallowing. Due to have a Barium swallow xray on 18th July so hoping this will give me the answer to what is happening.anyone else have this ?

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Used to get this quite a lot. Settled down with the plaquenil but still occurs if my system flares. Used to choke to the point of vomiting and still am not a great eater but at least don't weigh 7 stone anymore. My dr classes it as medical aneorexia - ie it is a physical not psychological cause but they can not fully work out why it happens.

When it does happen I move away from solid foods to smoothies and build up shakes. This allows your system to absorb the nutrition you need without choking or struggling. Personally I think is is a lack of lubrication caused by Sjrogens syndrome. That the oesophogus is too dry so food sticks and the lack of salivation processes means my autonomic process that generates gastric juices doesn't kick in so my stomach is not prepared to digest the food when it hits.


i am on fluids only at the moment-hoping this will help to settle things down.

I was thinking that Sjogrens could have a part in this as my throat feels very dry.getting lots of weird aches and pains in cheeks-feeling rather poorly and sorry for myself today


Seriously try this, get peppermint oil capsules from Boots, their own brand. Take it when it starts and and for a few days after it does the job.

I had that, had an x-ray etc. Couldn't find anything and through trial and error this is what worked. I'd try and stay off as much as possible off medicines. I take a lot of prescribed ones and often wonder what they are all doing to my insides sometimes.

Hope this helps. :-)


This is the E of CREST syndrome, the American spelling of oesophagitis. No peristalsis due to the thickening of the tissues in the oesophagus. After years of suffering, causing massive weight loss, osteopinna, constant bringing back 'stuck' food etc. etc. I one day happened upon a telly programme about diets through the decades, and the Edwardians practiced something called the chew chew diet, which involved chewing everything 32 times and not swallowing until it was an absolute liquid. 'Ping!' something went off in my head to say how obvious. I can only manage about 20 chews, but it's enough to now be virtually eating normally again (downside is I've put on more weight than I would like, but am of a 'normal' eight for my height now). The only thing I find is impossible is sausages, but I'm not a great meat eater anyway so no problem there. As far as I'm aware there is no medical remedy so don't be lured into mor drug taking. :)


There are remedies but not cures. I take esomeprazol and donperidom.


Yes, i agree with everyone who has replied. I've been managing this prob since I was a little girl. My primaries are SLE, MCTD and hypermobility, but my sicca symptoms make sjogrens likely to be I diagnosed before long. My swallowing etc issues got even worse at early perimenopause in early '90s

The one thing I'd add is: ginger. Especially fresh ginger tea, when I get a flare of swallowing/upper GI prob I start making up a big jug of fresh ginger tea. Keep it in the fridge and use it up over a few days. This helps me the way the peppermint caps help ladyscar.

Take care


Hello, I am sorry to hear that you are having these problems. A barium swallow is a good idea at least it will tell you if there are any problems in your throat or or Oesophagus and they can go from there with further tests if necessary. The chewing your food as much as you can is good advice I also sip water with my food as my mouth and throat are very dry as I do not have Saliva. I have not tried any of the other remedies so far but I do enjoy Ginger tea.



Hi like yourself and the others, i know about this not so pleasant swallowing symptom. I find that it is better if I am relaxed and I always have a bottle of water with me. I used to drink peppermint tea and take peppermint tablets but didnt find it made much of a difference, so I just have to watch which foods I can cope with, no processed, fatty fried stuff, mainly fresh fruit and veg and no pop !! wehoo living the dream :)


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