Problems with grip

Whether I am having an attack or not, I seem to have trouble with grip. I am constantly finding myself dropping things, big or small. It's becoming a bit of a problem and my mum suffers the same thing, though she does not have Raynaud's or Scleroderma.

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  • I have exactly the same thing and I have had it for years. I have to be very careful when I am holding things in my hands as some may drop off without me noticing it. I dropped my passport in that way at the airport. I have a special key holder I got from the RSA to turn keys easily and it does. I also have gadgets to open jars, cans etc. I got used to it.

  • I think I drop things more than I used to - often when I'm not having an attack! I have raynauds and carpal tunnel syndrome as well so my hands often feel quite weird (numb, pins and needles, tingling sensation). I suppose I am more careful when they feel like that - maybe that's why I am more clumsy when they are ok??!!?? Who knows?!?!

  • My grip is much worse, I always drop things and it is very difficult to pick things up. I think in my case that it is due to the skin tightening on my hands. It is the only place this is happening that I can tell, I wish it were the rest of my body, no more flab lol. But I to have to keep an I on what is in my hand as I will drop it without knowing. Another thing is I will get a weird twitch and fling things at times!

  • Hi - I too have problems with my grip. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome; I had both hands operated on 4 yrs ago, but my left one needs doing again (I'm left-handed, so very awkward.) I'm finding it very embarrassing when I have to pay for items in the shops, as it is awkward getting money out of my purse; the sales assistants seem very unsympathetic! Can anyone else identify with this problem?

  • Exactly the same- I often ask my 5 year old son to help with the money- I feel so embarrassed! Can't straighten my fingers or make a fist (fixed into a claw like shape)so can't pick money up or when it is given into my hand by a sales assistant, I can't do anything with it. The skin is shiny and tight and uncomfortable.It also seems to burn in places.

  • I will never never wash or dry up a glass - does that say it all !!!!!

  • I also have huge problems with just randomly dropping things - its really annoying! No warning its one min they are in my hand and the next its on the floor. It happens even when my hands are not having a raynauds moment.

    Its facanating to see that others have this problem to - i didnt realise it was connected but maybe it is if you guys all do it to.

  • I don't have raynauds but do suffer with poor grip. I'm unable to bend my fingers fully to make a fist and struggle to rotate my hand to collect change when buying stuff. Currently having Physio to see if anything can be done.

  • Hello,

    I think I have to agree with most of the people already posted, I'm usually OK with grip but when my hands suffer an attack I find clenching my fists and maintaining tension in my hands to be very difficult. They tend to become quite floppy and most unco-operative. Keys are a nightmare at the best of times but when cold, I've taken over a dozen full attempts to open my front door during last winter.

    I also have hypermobility syndrome which for my hands means I can stretch my fingers further back than is considered to be "normal" but when suffering an raynuads attack doesn't change this but makes the tendons/ligaments feel very sticky and tight. I think that is down to the lack of blood supply.

  • Thnk you for your post. That whole stickiness feeling with the ligaments and tendons is exactly what I feel when having Raynauds moment. Maybe this could be some sort of effect from having it, I have found these gel packs that you can crack a little metal plate inside and they heat up for about an hour. Great to use in the winter months.

  • I get problems maintaining a grip for any length of time (a few seconds in raynauds inducing conditions; wind, damp, cold or humid environment) but then I am trying to do silly things with Raynauds, like rock climbing..

  • I am constantly dropping things. I have always thought that maybe there was a connection with Raynauds. Perhaps I don't feel the thing I am picking up as well as I should therefore I am not gripping it tightly enough! I am not allowed to use crystal glasses for my wine!

  • I know the feeling, where I work I am known for dropping things, thus I have been told not to pick up anything with glass or move any glass shelves etc. Can be a bit annoying when something needs to get done but better safe than sorry. Thanks for your reply.

  • I use heat packs too with the raynauds and always use a hot water bottle to get to sleep on cold nights also i do yoga stretching very slow and slow deep breathing to oxyginate the whole body it does help with the warmth Ive had raynauds for 30 years


  • I know that this question wasn't asked by me - but thank you everyone. I just dropped a half-full bottle of lemon all over the floor. My hands simply stop holding things. It's been happening for a few years now and just seems to be gradually getting worse. I'm not sure how the start of this relates to the diiagnosis of my Raynauld's and I don't know what prompted me to type "dropping things and Raynauld's" into google - but I'm glad I did - at least I now understand it.

    I also have a problem with not letting go, especially of mug handles - I put something down and then pull it over when I take my hand away because I haven't fully let go. I think this is the same sort of thing as dropping things - it's like the brain and hands don't "talk" to each other.

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