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What does anyone use to remove hair from upper lip or to cleanse the face? I used a face pack a few weeks ago and the next day my skin was red and irritated. To remove hair from my upper lip I used what was supposed to be one for sensitive skin but it left it red and burning almost immediately I put it on. I only have this problem since I got Scleroderma. What products do others use? I would really like to find something suitable.


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I've had to resort to the beauty salon as I couldn't find any other way myself. When I first visited I had a picture of my blistered red chin area 24 hours after an earlier attempt which really got them worried so they have taken the time to help me find what works and understand when I say sensitive I mean Sensitive! We use a hot wax at a cooler temperature than for other clients and it seems to work. I also know another system where the wax comes out of individual tube also works as it only has to be warmed rather than heated (but I havent been able to find it locally). Even so it has not always been plain sailing, electroyloisis wasn't for me but I have to say that my monthly trips to the salon does wonders for my morale and helps me face the world.

As for creams - its cold cream soap or Pears and water for me and yes the girls in the salon cringe.


Hi there. i to have very sensitive and dry skin. the only thing that i can use on my face is Aqueous cream which i can wash/cleanse with and i also gently exfoliate with this cream as well.After alot of rashes and irritation i discovered i was allergic to Lanolin which is in alot of creams. reading about the cool waxing is great- i might just sort out my fluffy face!


I cleanse my face with rose water; the one that is used in Middle Eastern food, not the one flavoured with rose. It is astringent and refreshing. My mother in law used to do it by distilling rose petals. I use Acqueous cream on my face and feet. It is great.

I can understand the pleasure of going to have your face done once a month.


Thank you everyone for these suggestions. I will try them.


Try the Body Shop Irene. They do a range of cleansers face creams etc which they say are suitable for extremely sensitive skin and they work for me. The staff in my local shop are very knowledgable about their products and skincare generally so might pay to ask for advice

All the best Suzy x


That's a good idea. I will have a look there. Thank you.


Hello Irene!

I was a beauty therapist for many years before I become unable to work because of Scleroderma, so I am hoping my advice is from a knowledgeable background!Mind you it has been a few years!

All of our skin is sadly more sensitive,and often with a faster turn over of skin cells.I oftn have a build up of dead skin around my fingers and nails and feet,and even face.So before using moisturising creams then a gentle exfoliation is needed to remove this build up so that cream can go in.

So with that in mind the best cleanser I have come across ever is Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish.It is completely natural (no parabens or sulphates which is very important for us) and so gentle and soothing.It is removed with the muslin cloth that it come with which gentle removes cleanser and old skin cells.Here is the website :

I do wax my top lip too but it is getting difficult as the skin is very thin and sensitive..I agree with Ruth in that finding a very experienced therapist with many years behind them is woth it..and a leaflet about Scleroderma to give them normally works great!

Good luck and let us all know how it goes!

lots of love




Thank you for this advice. I will look at this site.


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