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What to wear?

One minute its sunny, then it goes cloudy and cold. then it starts to rain. So you go out with too many layers or not enough. You wear gloves, get the looks and stares, especially when to every one else its a nice warm sunny day, but there is a slight breeze in the air. The slight changes in temperature, you notice, noone else seems to. Then my toe gets sore after, having my nail being four times, due to inngrowing toe nails, so have wear sandals, so feet and toes end up freezing.

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It is a total pain - I think you just have to make sure you have things to keep you warm and be thankful if you don't need them!! I had this problem in the house last weekend - the sun was shining in the kitchen at the back of the house and it was warm but the living room at the front was cold. I was pottering about going from room to room and I had to keep taking my fleece on and off. How mad is that?!?!?!


Same here - its a real pain - went out yesterday and had my fleece and feather gillet and gloves on - boots, jeans thick socks. Crazy really but that wind was cold. Had to put the heating on last night downstairs. I dont care what people think anymore I would rather be warm than cold... bbbrrrrrr


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