2nd systemic sclerosis world congress, Madrid 2012

Hi everyone !

Im so excited to be able to access the notes (free downloads) from the presentations given at the recent WORLD congress meeting on scleroderma !

Here is the link :


This is the most up to date information in relation to Scleroderma and Raynauds !

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  • Thanks!

  • Thank you so much, most interesting

  • Many thanks for this.

  • Many thanks for passing it on.

  • Thank you so much for this site, it is so interesting. I have just been looking at Will Gregory - physio - 's talk and am fired up to get on with the exercises.

  • Will Gregory will be speaking at the Scleroderma Society AGM this year.

  • I know he spoke last year, he seems my type of person, someone who encourages self help. I would certainly like to see/hear him at the AGM

  • this is great! thx.

  • Thank you! REally helpful/informative.

  • Thank you. I've been busy arming myself with more info. Knowledge is power and all!

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