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Scleroderma specialist

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Hi does anyone know a scleroderma specialist in Northern Ireland?. I am under rheumatologist in Craigavon Hospital.

Thanks Take care everyone

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Sorry I've really no idea hard isn't it I've mixed connective tissue, Raynaud's and IBS, lot of food related issues. Not easy

Hi, I’m from ni & under a rheumatologist at musgrave park hospital, he seems to know a lot about scloderma

Hi CastlewalksThanks for your reply, are you allowed to give me his name as I would be interested in changing rheumatologist.


Hi, no prob, He’s Dr Wright, diagnosed me very quickly when I saw him in Dec & arranged various tests etc.

HiThanks for your help. You feel very alone with this disease.

All the best

It’s a challenging journey, heard there’s about 500 with it in ni, not sure if that’s right.

I'm also in NI. Was diagnosed 12 years ago. Like you I'm under a Rheumatologist in Antrim Hosp. I'm therefore not sure if there is a specialist. I remember one time seeing a female consultant in Dundonald Hosp - maybe she was specialist but she just said I was ok & to come off steroids which was a disaster. Unfortunately there are no support groups here either.

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Hi thanks for your reply, hope your getting better care now

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