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Spots on arms


Hi everyone,

Over the last few weeks I seem to be getting a lot of red spots on my arms, is anyone affected with these.



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I bruise relatively easily and sometimes they are that shade of red, rather than blue colour, but I can trace back to being dinged and they are not circular.

Abbybobtim in reply to Poppy221

Thank you for your help

I've got them on my face in my mouth and on my hands.

Telec ??? esia or something. Part of Scleroderma

Abbybobtim in reply to homeat42

Thank you so much for your reply, at least I can look up your explanation and read all about another of the problems we have to put on with, at least it is no way as bad as having to have all my teeth out and implants put inserted.

homeat42 in reply to Abbybobtim

Take care.

Hello Abbybobtim

I had those red spots big time when I was first diagnosed some 5 years ago. Mine were all over my legs. Once I was given medication they faded. However I still get a few on my face and in my mouth and on my tongue. They are called telangiecstasia. I think they are all part of the condition relating to system sclerosis (CREST) and/or scleroderma.

Abbybobtim in reply to Betsie

Hi Betsie, thank you for your reply, they certainly are weird, just another problem for us sufferers from scleroderma. Pop another pill :)

Take care stay safe

Hi Ann, if they are appearing over a very short period of time and are a new symptom for you then you need to discuss the situation with your Consultant. If they are telangi then they indicate an inflammatory process going on and a flare in your condition. Have you noticed anything else change? Have you been more tired than normal? Or had more aches and pains? I would contact your Consultant, or specialist nurse. Send them this photo and say you are concerned.

All my best

Lucy xxx

Abbybobtim in reply to LucyJean

Thank you so much Lucy for your very informative reply, yes I have felt more tired of late but I put it down to all that's going on and aches and pain down to my arthritis and at the moment I am suffering with my back caused by Sciatica and a trapped nerve, but as you suggest I think I will get in touch with my Consultant. Once again thank you so much. Stay safe xx

Hi Abbybobtim my arms are covered in them most of the time, and they appear for no reason, no bumps etc. If I do catch myself on say a door handle, the Mark's that appear are really big, totally disproportionate to the bump I've had. They take weeks to fade as well. I did show them to a Rheumatology Doctor and he said they "were nothing"! which I was very surprised to hear. They aren't nothing to me and really bother me during the summer months wearing short sleeves . Sadly there seems to be no stopping them, I hope you have better luck getting answers than I have.

Abbybobtim in reply to Janpmat

Thank you for your reply, like you say they are rather unsightly but hopefully they will fade over time even if they don't disappear fully. Take care stay safe

282523 in reply to Abbybobtim

Hi there. I had very similar and my dermatologist wondered, as they started out as perforated spots - about a condition she called perforating ch... (or something) as said these tend to end up as flat red marks which last quite a while. This was all by photos and email though. They were very itchy and sore in a generalised way but they disappeared when I had a big steroid shot and haven’t returned. I asked her about other dark bruise spots and dark freckles and she attributed these to ageing! 🥴😳🤷🏼‍♀️

Abbybobtim in reply to 282523

Thank you for your reply, like you I am going to have a link with my Rhumatologist to see if she can explain them away :)

282523 in reply to Abbybobtim

My rheumatolgist saw mine in June and asked for my dermatologist’s input as she couldn’t identify them at all. Here’s the link to what my dermatologist thought mine were. Because I was shielding she said she couldn’t risk biopsying them and now they have gone away.

Abbybobtim in reply to 282523

Thank you for that will be interesting to see what my Rhumatologist has to say.

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